Corona Times 2020: Day 3- Top Tips On Work, Self-Isolation and Emotional Development

New rules to new life

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First 3 working days on lockdown, I saw tremendous progress. All our group companies were so active and responsible. We had many webinars, client calls and new prospects that were very productive. I personally did 14 calls with new prospective clients from medical (Cancer care) to Mithai (Dessert).


Clients were very optimistic and available for detailed discussions, which was great.  They were ready to get started as soon as India is ready to open and few overzealous clients wanted to sign right away to avail special offers.

In these few days, I noticed that many of my team members maintained discipline and never let their productivity dip while working from home. I could actually feel their self discipline.

My suggestion is that we should not push too much on receiving payments else we will lose them, we are in a hurry but not in rush. We give them good offers to commit but not undervalue us.

Two areas of focus

1. Make people commit - Do not push to high payments we make them start with as minimum commitments as 5 per cent of their total fees but we give them benefits to commit to start at this hour. Especially, new Franchise buyers for partnered brands.

2. Prospect- Close without payments (CWPs) - CWPs sign without payments/this can be agreements/Letter of intent or confirmation mail. We will count in the revenue and payments can follow in 15 days from the opening of lockdown. How many CWPs we can close?

Top 5 tips to get it right in the times of self-isolation

1. Wake up - 7 am or earlier. Commit yourself to make the first official call at 9 am. Get ready, dressed and practice gratitude.

2. Eat right - Do not binge eat or drink. Stick to your routine.

3. Walk - 5000 steps daily within your home space.

4. Read - One good article, I recommend history as all deep-originated learnings will come from there.

5. Write - One note to anyone you love and care about. Send one message to someone you lost contact with, rebuild and earn your relations.

7 stages of emotions in isolation 

1. Optimism: This is going to be great. I can finally get down to all the projects I wanted to do or improve a certain skill or picking up that hobby. Only if you practice it every single day of these 21-days of lockdown it will become a routine and then practice to make a life change.

2. Determination: When you can feel that you’re less positive about self- isolation, take one goal for 21days- eliminate sugar, milk products, smoking (especially if you have a family).Make your own RIGHT choice.

3. Balance: You will experience times when you are more productive and times that you are less productive, balance between moments of satisfaction and episodes of frustration.

4. Depression: When you start struggling and feeling, “this is hard,” boredom might settle in. Your routine or lack of routine might not be working for you anymore. What you always loved will help.Cook for your family if you are not meant for the kitchen, then clean for family, washing clothes was never tough.

5. Anger: You might experience anger and restlessness in inane situations in this confinement and get easily irritated by others in your household. Hold it back. Women will be more overwhelmed and men would heed well to acknowledge her efforts.

6. Acceptance: When you accept the situation for what it is and carry on doing whatever is in your control and letting go of what is not. Surrender to the situation and do your bits to help us all recover as a nation.

7. Make Meaning: Remembering that this move to self-isolate is necessary - we save others & we save us.

Have faith, keep going and be safe!


Gaurav Marya