Coronavirus: Perform These 14 Yoga Asanas and Stand United with PM Narendra Modi in Fighting This Pandemic

Yoga has always been India's way to perform fitness for ages. Its lockdown time and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is here for the rescue

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For ages, Yoga has been India's way of life.  It's a mix of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that keep you strong in every sense. With Covid-19 cases increasing every single day, its time to get active and take self-responsibility. 

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The fitter you are, the better is your immunity. While what you eat plays an essential role, physical activity/ workout holds the utmost importance.

Talking about the same was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who on Monday shared fitness routine and also requested people to perform yoga to remain fit during the lockdown.

He tweeted about his fitness routine and said, "During yesterday's Mann ki Baat, someone asked me about my fitness routine during this time. Hence, I thought of sharing these Yoga videos. I hope you also begin practicing Yoga regularly."

Prime Minister Modi took this to Twitter and tweeted, "The Yoga videos are available in different languages. Do have a look. Happy Yoga practicing..."

The videos bring out his playful side where he can be seen performing different yoga asanas. You have a pool of 17 videos which gives you an in-depth knowledge about 14 asanas. From Vrikshasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Padahastasana, Bhadrasan, Ustrasana, Trikonasana, Tadassana to Bhujangasana, Shalabhasana, Pawanmuktasana, Vajrasana, Vakrasana, Shashankasana, and Setubandhasana.

Everyone is aware that he is an ardent yoga follower. While sharing the video he wrote, "I am neither a fitness expert nor a medical expert. Practicing Yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years and I have found it beneficial."

At the time of this crisis, yoga can be a great source to keep you safe, healthy and fit. He has also asked people to share their fitness mantra.

"I am sure many of you also have other ways of remaining fit, which you also must share with others," he said.

The fitness channel is available in 12 Indian and 12 foreign languages, making it accessible to everyone around the globe.

While you might be following your fitness routine, awaken the yogi inside you and practice this ancient, spiritual and ascetic discipline for a better life.


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