On-Demand Services: How Are They Helpful During Coronavirus Pandemic

In this modern era of technology, users are turning more and more towards on-demand apps during this outbreak

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The positive cases of coronavirus are growing at great speed and there is no cure of it as of now but can be definitely prevented. The government is taking preventative measures to control it, cure it and assist people to be safe and healthy.


Some businesses are at the peak of their profits like retail stores, pharmaceutical companies and grocery stores. While app developing companies remain unaffected they do experience issues in finding new projects but their existing projects let them keep going. They also have the liberty to get their work done remotely.

The good thing is that people understand the situation and staying indoors to protect themselves and the entire nation. This might be okay for the time being but it will become more and more difficult with the passing time. After a point, people will need to get out buying daily essentials. This is where on-demand services come into the picture. Even in the regular days, people were using on-demand mobile apps to get their things delivered instead of having to go to the store, pick things up, wait in the billing line, and drive back home.

Now with the current situation at hand, people are avoiding leaving their homes. These apps make this possible for people. They pick up the things and deliver the products to the user's homes helping them stay indoors and avoid social gatherings.

Here is how on-demand services app help to fight coronavirus.

Order Groceries Through Mobile Apps

You go out to buy groceries; the person standing next to you might be affected. It might be possible the one parking vehicle next to you might have it. There are many possibilities. An online grocery app is a perfect solution to this.

This way you can avoid going out to crowded places and avoid the risk of getting infected. Open the app, select the products you want to buy, add them to cart and order them. The online grocery app also allows you to pay online through debit or credit card or any Unified Payment Interface (UPI) smart phone application. You can also pay by cash but it is better to switch to online platforms for financial transactions as well. This will save you from running to ATM to withdraw cash if you are short of it.

People have been using from a very long time now but they use it even more now. If you are looking for a lucrative business idea during this outbreak, it is an online grocery-store app. Also, you would not find any trouble in hiring mobile app developers as they all are indoors yet working actively.

On-Demand Fuel Delivery

The fuel station is also one such place with multiple people arriving. Fuel is also among the necessities and you cannot avoid it but why go out when you have an app for it? Going out is exposing yourself to even the slightest possibility of getting infected and spreading it to your family and others in contact with you.

Just a few clicks and you can get your fuel tank full sitting right at the comfort of your couch. All you need to do is, open the app, select the type and quantity of the fuel and place your order. Keep your preferred container open for the delivery boy to come and pour it in. You don’t even have to go down to pay cash. The app will has an e-wallet or other online ways to make the payment.

Online Consultation

Countries, states and cities are all in lockdown. This makes completing tasks very difficult. There are several patients suffering from other medical conditions apart from the virus who need continuous consultation to keep their treatment on track. However, not many doctors are willing to take the risk of treating patients during this serious situation. Same goes with patients as they are also not willing to visit hospitals and clinics due to the pandemic.

Mobile apps are useful in these scenarios. Online consultation with your regular doctor can help you continue your treatment without any hassle. Just make a video call to your doctor, consult them, get an online prescription of the medicines and get your supplies.

Get Medicines Delivered At Home

You avoided visiting your doctor due to the risk of getting affected by the novel coronavirus. You consulted the doctor online and got a prescription of medicines. Will the consultation be of any use if you do not get your medicine or have to go out to buy them? There are telemedicine apps to help you get medicines delivered at your doorsteps. No need to step out when you have a mobile app development company creating apps in every category. It helps to solve your issues and get your necessities delivered at your convenient places.

Get an on-demand medicine delivery app from Google Play Store or Apple app store on your phone. Enter the name of the medicines that the doctor has prescribed with the quantity and place your order. Choose a payment method convenient to you and make the payment.

Get It Fixed

We can put useless tasks aside for a while but, there are certain tasks that have to do on the go. You can put aside buying a new couch for a while but if there are some plumbing issues; it has to be instantly taken care of. Mobile apps can also help you deal with such issues. On-demand mobile apps can help you deal with it. There are apps that allow you to call plumbers on-demand and solve your plumbing issues.

You do not need to go out of your house to pick him or drop him. Just open the app, choose the service you are looking for, and book a specialist. You can either pay them online or pay cash after completion of the service.

Coronavirus has stopped people from going out. However, it hasn’t stopped people from getting their supplies. Thanks to the information technology industry, mobile app developers and mobile applications that people can get their supplies from. If you also want to stay at home and be safe then download the on-demand apps, and start ordering. 

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