This App Lets Your Expertise Earn You Money, Working From Home

UDo is a platform that allows users to get advice on various subjects from experts through videos and audios and lets experts make money for consultation.

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The coronavirus outbreak worldwide has led to a situation wherein social distancing and self-isolation have become a necessity, and this has led people to the confines of their homes and work remotely.

Teja Gudluru, Founder, UDo

It is therefore no surprise that UDo—a platform that allows users to get advice on various subjects from experts through videos and audios and lets experts make money for consultation—has seen a steady increase in downloads and usage. Though an updated version of the app was launched recently, the app has seen more than 20,000 downloads and over 300 experts under 13 verticals signing up within three weeks who are making money by working from home.

“A lot of coaches and freelancer trainers are using the app to consult users and are seamlessly make money,” said Teja Gudluru, founder, UDo.

Gudluru believes this is the best opportunity for UDo to penetrate the market and become a go-to app for earning passive income and become India’s favourite work-from-home app.

How It Works

UDo is mobile-based platform that lets users connect to thousands of experts through video or audio calls in over a hundred categories. The company offers a mobile app which helps people get connected to experts and seek expert advice related to problems he or she may be facing.

“UDo is a colloquial abbreviation for ‘you do’. There are times when one requires an adviser or a mentor. UDo can be a partner for all occasions by providing the necessary information. As a platform, it can benefit users who need help, experts who have time to spare and companies who are looking for specific databases,” added Gudluru.

From travel and relationship advice to handling a difficult boss, career guidance, demand express advice in life's difficult situations or sometimes simply someone to give you fashion advice, UDo has it covered. Not only that, using the platform a student can teach guitar and make pocket money, a housewife can teach cooking, or even an information technology professional can help in trouble shooting, and of course make money.

Through UDo app, users can search for experts, review their profile and connect with them instantly through video or audio call. If the expert of their choice is offline, they can schedule a call as well.

The Differentiator

Gudluru claims there are no apps available that help people monetise their events and be able to broadcast them live. UDo’s events feature lets any registered expert on the app to create live sessions, events or classes. They simply decide a ticket price to the event and users pay the amount in order to join.

“Apps such as Zoom only work on a subscription basis. Which means, you pay them and they give you the technical ability to conduct webinars and video conference. Then payments are required to be managed offline and then send video conference links. On UDo, one can simply sign up, decide the charges and users will find them,” he added.

Growth Plans

UDo plans to go Global with the app in the last quarter of 2020 starting with the ASEAN nations and the UK, followed by the rest of the world in 2021. “We intend to hit the 1 million downloads by July 2021,” said Gudluru.