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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Learn why joining a powerful network was a game changer for this female business leader.

For Magdalah R. Silva, joining Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) was a game changer right from the start.

Magdalah R. Silva, DMS International CEO & DWEN member

As co-founder, CEO, and president of DMS International—an information and technology services company for the Federal government and the private sector—Magdalah attended the 2019 DWEN Summit in Singapore along with other global women entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders. It was there that she connected with Dell representatives and other women who understand the role data and technology play in driving global growth.

As an active DWEN participant, Magdalah has gained financial resources for technology upgrades and rewards for IT purchases. But one of the most important connections she made was with a Dell Technologies Advisor. The Advisor works with DMS International’s IT manager to streamline connections between devices and simplifying the process of acquiring technology.

All of these benefits have helped provide Magdalah with the tools to make DMS more efficient and grow faster. “The importance that women are playing right now is not something to be neglected,” Magdalah says. “It is really something to be nourished ... it’s something to be supported.”

That’s exactly what DWEN does every day.


Together we can grow the DWEN community and empower more female entrepreneurs! Learn more and join today at

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