How Are People Thinking, Responding and Reacting to Covid-19?

97% of people reveal how stressed they are and 34% fear that they could lose their job due to the impact of coronavirus

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Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus, COVID-19, a pandemic life turned upside down. Who would have thought the crisis would turn so worse that we would have over 28,30,000 Million confirmed cases and 197,000 deaths registered worldwide.


The effect of the virus has been such that we have been locked inside our houses. While work from home might have sounded like the best idea in normal days, at the moment the situation is turning stressful for many. The government is doing its best to safeguard its citizens and people are trying their best to follow the ground rules. 

However, the condition is getting worse and things are taking a toll as people want to protect themselves and their families. What's also adding to the scare is the horrifying news and information being circulated on social media timelines. 

This is the time when one needs to understand how is the general public thinking, reacting, responding and processing whats been going to them. What are they believing, what are they doing to protect themselves and a lot more?

Dr. Urvish K. Patel, MBBS, MPH, Research Associate in the Dept. of Neurology in New York and a medical advisor for has surveyed 5000 residents of the United States. The survey aimed to evaluate how well the general public is coping with the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown situation. The survey takes you across Inquiries were made people and their stress level, methods to reduce it, where are they consuming information from, other concerns and what precautions they are taking to avoid the virus.

Key Findings

News Information

71% of the go-to news outlets, 50% prefer social media, 43% majorly rely on the data issued by credible health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 37% depend on the word of health professionals, and 30% trust their friends and family to keep them updated.

Precautions For Covid-19

  • 85% opt for frequent handwashing with soap
  • 76% use hand sanitizers
  • 82% are committed to the idea of social distancing
  • 79% are concerned about stocking up on essential supplies and medication.

Home Remedies and Antibiotics?

40% believe that home remedies can help while 60% felt otherwise.

26% of the respondents think that antibiotics can kill the novel coronavirus.

Corona vs Flu?

80% believe that coronavirus deadly than the flu, while 20% think otherwise.

Coping with Stress

73% are stressed about the coronavirus outbreak, whereas 27% are taking it easy.

To cope with stress, 62% of the respondents are relying on Netflix and other OTT platforms while 48% are engaging in physical activities such as exercising, gardening, and playing family games.

Do Pets Lead to Coronavirus?

35% believe that one can get the virus from their pets’ skin and fur, whereas 65% strongly believe against it.

How Long Will This Pandemic Last and the Threat Level?

When asked about how long will this continue? 61% believe that the virus outbreak could continue for another 6 months or up to a year, whereas 38% expect it to last less than that.

Job Stability?

Job stability has been a major concern during this health crisis and 34% believe that they are at the risk of losing their job.

The survey does give us an insight into how people are thinking and processing the ongoing crisis.

The number of cases is increasing every day, and we still have no cure. People are working under the confined of their houses and the future of this ending anytime soon looks uncertain. For now, all we can do is be strong, healthy, safe, and fight this virus! 


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