#6 Indian Start-ups Who Are Helping the Community Battle Covid-19

Meet six Indian startups that have been working tirelessly in the field of technology and healthcare in efforts to create new innovations for staying healthy and safe in the battle against pandemic Coronavirus

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The global Pandemic has hit the world drastically. It has introduced each one of us to challenges that were unprecedented. However, crisis often introduces us to some impressive discoveries. Turning entrepreneurship to new meaning, some businessmen took the charge to help those in need. After all, supporting the community to battle Covid-19 just shows entrepreneurship is not just about making money and running a company. 


In this difficult scenario, some companies working out of WeWork have been operating to tackle this problem head-on and contribute to the relief effort required. The strongest people are those who help others even when they are struggling and facing difficulties. That's exactly what these startups are doing. Many of them have collaborated with multiple NGOs and other partner programs to provide food, medicines, and essentials to those in need and make a difference. 

Here are six Indian startups that have been working tirelessly in the field of technology and healthcare in efforts to create new innovations for staying healthy and safe in the battle against pandemic Coronavirus. 


Ninjacart is tackling the food supply problem pointedly by providing essential food items to orphanages, old age homes, and slums at subsidized rates. They have also started supplying fresh fruits and

vegetables to several residential communities and apartments to help with panic buying and fear of shortage. Since Ninjacart sources directly from farmers, they are moving about 1400 tonnes of fresh produce to businesses every day, in just 12 hours using analytics and technology.

UV Robots 

UV Robots in Mumbai, have been developing a robot for restaurant automation for over a year and believed that they could use the same technology to build a robot that can disinfect a room in less than 10 minutes. They plan on dispatching this robot to disinfect hospitals, airports, offices, local trains, buses, and other locations. This technology can for sure help a lot of institutions out there and help in the sanitization process which is a priority at the moment. 


Toppeq has taken action in these hard times to contribute. They have mobilized funds to distribute both food and hygiene kits to stranded migrant workers. Since the pandemic started in India, the startup has been arranging the supply of food and medicine to truckers who have been stranded. They will continue to do so till the lockdown is over. Each kit contains two kg each of rice and dal, a kilogram each of onion and potato, and a litre of oil, along with daily essentials such as toothpaste and soap.

Hill Quill India LLP: 

Hill Quill India LLP has developed wet wipes that absorb contaminated dust particles, thereby making them more effective than simple liquid sanitizers. They are supplying these wipes to multiple states across the country to help overcome any shortages of sanitizers as well as to avoid the state of panic buying, in order to help fight COVID-19. 

Qause India

Qause India is aggregating volunteers for NGOs and not only connecting them digitally but is also segregating which particular service is required by the NGOs.  The team is actively looking at joining hands with NGOs, donors and commercial kitchens to channel their donations and food supplies to where it's needed the most using its NGO Network across 10 states in India.

ZIM Laboratories: 

Another startup ZIM Laboratories, which is an innovative drug delivery solution provider,  has joined the fight against the virus by developing a sanitizer that is effective for 3 hours. To help overcome the shortage of sanitizers, they're looking to distribute their products to hospitals, airports, and other public spaces.