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Time-Saving Strategies That'll Have You on Top, Part 2

Wish you had more hours in the day? These tips may make you feel like you do.

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Here are some more helpful tips:

  • File tips. You must keep up on your filing so you can move through your office, but you also want to find what you filed! Use different colors to distinguish what's inside: blue for project files, yellow for office files, red for client resources, etc.
  • Phone time. Calls can interrupt your concentration. If you want to stay focused, accept or return phone calls at a specific time. If you have a number of calls to make, make them in sequence. If the person is not there, leave a time when you can be reached: "I'll be available from 10:00 a.m. to noon today."
  • Cash stash. When you're traveling, keep about $25 in your organizer. If you're dependent on credit cards when traveling, you can save time by having some hidden cash on hand. If you find you don't have enough money in your wallet while on the road, this "emergency" amount will allow you to take a cab, buy a snack from a street vendor or anything else you can't purchase with a credit card. Otherwise, you may find yourself penniless and waste time searching for some extra cash. Credit cards are a great way to manage expenses, but not when all you need is a bagel and a cup of coffee on the run.
  • Use one travel agent. Once you find a great agent who knows your preferences for services and carriers, develop a relationship with them and use them religiously. You'll soon find that travel is as easy as faxing information about your trip (time, destinations, and personal specifications), then they fax back the itinerary for your approval, and you're all set. A good agent will have all of your frequent traveler numbers and will even deliver the tickets to your door.

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