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Finally, a Tool That Seamlessly Imports Google Docs to WordPress Without Ditching the Formatting

Save editing time and work more productively with Word Pigeon.

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When you manage a website or create a lot of web content for your business, it's an enormous pain when work gets corrupted or lost. That's why many entrepreneurs and content creators choose to write content in Google Docs, where there's an easily-accessible, consistently backed-up copy of their work always available.

Glenn Carstens-Peters

However, that strategy comes with its own set of hiccups. Copying your work from Google Docs over to WordPress risks losing formatting and images, forcing you to recreate content a second time. Word Pigeon is the WordPress plug-in that was created to resolve that problem — and to that we say, thank you. 

Word Pigeon allows you write content in Google Docs and then export it immediately to your WordPress admin with just a single click. All of the formatting, images, and links will remain intact, saving you a huge amount of time. There's no coding or adjusting your WordPress theme necessary; Word Pigeon simply transports your content to WordPress exactly how you want it to look. That way, you'll save hours of editing time, improve your collaboration efforts, and be able to build a better, more efficient content strategy.

Word Pigeon works for PC, Mac, or Linux systems and as a plug-in for WordPress and G Suite. All you have to do is create content the usual way in Google Docs, find your file displayed in Word Pigeon, and hit export. Word Pigeon does the rest.

With Word Pigeon's Phoenix Plan, you can manage five sites and provide access for up to ten users. A lifetime subscription to this plan is worth thousands of dollars, but you can register today for just $96.99.

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