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Weird Science

Profile of Creative Science Systems Inc., a software infrastructure provider

This story appears in the January 2001 issue of Entrepreneurs Start-Ups magazine.

With a resume boasting eight years of professional experience, Maria Nilva has the maturity of a world-renowned businesswoman. But don't be fooled-the 24-year-old CEO of Campbell, -based Creative Science Systems Inc., a software provider for companies of all sizes, takes a comedic approach to life, and she's as grounded as one can be in her shoes.

As proof, Nilva cites times like when she closed negotiations for an investment deal while working as an economist in . A few days later, she rammed into the person with whom she negotiated while rollerblading to work. Experiences like this help keep her down to earth (that time, literally). As an economist, Nilva noticed trends sparking in different markets and realized the lack of in them. She knew that between herself and her two partners, Jacob Dreyband and Leonid Nilva, friends from her native Soviet Union, they'd have the expertise to invent great new . This proved to increase efficiency for businesses and enable them to network with others.

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