Infection Control Against Covid-19 the New Normal Continues

Infection Control Against Covid-19 the New Normal Continues
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Founder Chairperson, Medscapeinida -Aryan medical & Educational Trust and MD, Dolphiin healthcare LLP / Aryan hospital & Medical center
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Diagnosing a patient with injuries and diseases, then treating them with utmost dedication, has been a virtue for me since the past 16 years. Over the passing time, technology and science have had tremendous progress in the field of medicine. However, we still come across people with a lack of information and, the ones taking up the wrong decisions. Well, as the people say, appreciation is always a boon and up-lifter for the ones putting in efforts; Who better then dignitaries like His Holiness Dalai lama & Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam could it be from.

Although elective care is curtailed/ postponed as a preventive measure patients needing complex care may not be able to wait for the treatment. Radiology departments play a critical role in policy and guideline development both for the department and for the institutions, specifically in planning a diagnostic screening, triage, and management of patients. In addition, radiology workflows, volumes, and access must be optimized in preparation for the COVID-19 patient surges. But Current imaging the best practice advises that CT chest is not used to diagnose COVID-19, helpful in assessing for complications of the lung, The non-specific imaging findings are most commonly of atypical, consolidation, pneumonia findings often with a bilateral, peripheral,  ground-glass appearance and basal predominant distribution It is always important to follow appropriate infection control procedures before scanning subsequent patients. Now CT brain, cardiac CT, showing COVID changes in COVID-19 patient till now effective treatment or a vaccine exists currently still. However, CT should not be used to screen for or as a first-line test to diagnose COVID-19 CT should be used sparingly and reserved for hospitalized, symptomatic patients with specific clinical indications for CT. Appropriate infection control procedures should be followed before scanning subsequent patients. Radiology practice is a set of policies and procedures directly applicable to imaging team design to achieve sufficiently capacity for continued operation during a health care emergency of unprecedented proportions, to support the care of patients with COVID-19, and to maintain radiologic diagnostic and interventional support for the entirety of the hospital and health systems. Because of varying infection control policies both nationally and regionally, steps for radiology preparedness for COVID-19 will vary between institutions and clinics.

we start our procedure with central coordination for COVID patients and non-COVID emergency patient we have trained all are health worker & amp; team to follow infection control protocols and use completely personal protective equipment (PPE) we have started Telehealth, virtual health monitoring, for a hospital patient, Zoom or WhatsApp calling to implement standard operating procedures also for patient communication, we must know suspect of covid19 exposure also a performance of imaging center with less foot traffic and with fewer critically ill patients when a possible portable x-ray imaging is performed in hospital protocols for decontaminating imagining rooms especially CT scanners after caring for VID patients and after all the process various institutions improving the capability for remote interpretation of home and other sites in case of staff isolation or patient surge. 

When it comes to the healthcare sector it is always important to be extra hygienic even before Covid-19 hygienic practice was always advised but now it is not just advised it is a very basic necessity. Precautions that should be taken after the radiology practices are all door handles, knobs, tabletops, etc should be cleaned by 0.1% diluted sodium hypochlorite solution 2 hourly. All the equipment used to be cleaned in regular time periods. It is also advisable to use cashless payment methods as much as possible. Use payment portals like (Paytm / BHIM / Google Pay ) or else Cash if collected should be put in a plastic box containing Vapotabs formalin balls. It can be taken home the next day. we believe Proper and strict precautions for each patient each day along with them our staff also regularly washes hands with soap or uses hand sanitizers, apart from this, we ensure that the staff keeps car keys, purse, pens, etc. in a plastic box with formalin balls or wipe it with cotton dipped in sanitizer. It is thoroughly ensured that the staff member dips your clinic clothes in hot soap water and have a hot water bath with Dettol immediately. It is very important that your Staff stays motivated and is given antioxidants, immunity building food, arrangements for regular virtual meetings kept for motivation, personal health, hygiene, mental health well-being monitored.


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