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Take Note

Check out this cool tool: ABERA's Note Taker 868C, the scanning gadget that rules

Are you dreading that big, important meeting and need to make a great first impression? Now you can buy the scanning tool that rules-and your client will be wowed at your technological coolness. ABERA's NoteTaker 868C is a super-portable pocket scanner that lets you scan line-art, grayscale and, yes, even color images! Weighing in at a measly 15 ounces, you can stash this baby in your briefcase or purse. Plus, it runs on AA batteries, meaning you can scan in wireless comfort.

Just swipe the NoteTaker over text, handwritten notes or even a photo. Your image is scanned at 300dpi and instantly compressed and stored in 4MB flash memory. From there, you can easily upload data to your PC via USB or wireless infrared. At $248 (street), the NoteTaker will have you scanning pretty in no time. See for more info.

Heather Lloyd-Martin ( is owner of SuccessWorks, a new media copywriting firm. She still gets asked if she's "a bit too young" to own a dotcom.

This story appears in the January 2001 issue of Startups. Subscribe »