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Soup's On

Cooking-classes-the next big thing in team-building experiences

This story appears in the January 2001 issue of Entrepreneurs Start-Ups magazine.

Chew on this: A fun, fast, cool place to build your 's cohesiveness and smooth out rough edges in your working relationships is the kitchen. That's right: The company that cooks together really cooks when it comes to succeeding. Skeptical? classes are the hottest corporate tool these days, with companies like Andersen Consulting and Sun Microsystems and others jumping on the bandwagon.

Preparing a tasty multicourse meal requires a lot of cooperation and flexibility on the parts of team members. Even better, a kitchen team-building session comes with a terrific payoff: At the end, everybody gathers around the table and eats the yummy creation. The bad news: With so much blue-chip demand for cooking classes, prices are going stratospheric, with price tags easily going into five figures for a full-day session. Low-cost options are still plen-tiful, though, if you know where to hunt. Better still, you can orchestrate your own cooking class for only the price of ingredients, and there are lots of how-to ideas available on the Web. Read on to find out where.

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