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One Step At A Time

12 steps to marketing success in 2001

This story appears in the January 2001 issue of Entrepreneurs Start-Ups magazine.

We entrepreneurs have to squeeze 47.5 hours into every day, turn a pauper's sum into a royal's budget, and perform The Matrix-like feats on a regular basis to stay lean, mean and competitive. All this space-time continuum-fiddling makes a year seem like, oh, about 33 days. So it's no shock that it's time to cozy up to the year 2001 and all the marketing, and media strategies it demands. With apologies to all the 12-step programs for various maladies (funny, there's no "Entrepreneurs Anonymous"-no one has the time), I offer you 12 steps to for 2001:

January:Think big. I have a bold proposal for that showcase of Americana, the . (Let it be known that I share a home with a Pittsburgh-bred Steelers fan, a man who wears head-to-toe insignia to the grocery store on Sundays, deep in the heart of Patriots country.) The sheer spectacle of the Super Bowl frenzy has made me fantasize about what could be the "Hail Mary" of all PR initiatives. Here's my plan: Get at least one Super Bowl advertiser, at $1 million-plus per ad, to forgo running its spot and give the money to a charity instead. By giving up just one ad a year, a could make a tremendous difference. And, on top of being a wonderfully altruistic thing to do, imagine the PR benefits of making such a move! With all the advance hype of Super Bowl ads, the company that stands apart, skips the big show and gives the money away could be a national cause célèbre.

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