How to Keep Children Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Here's how you can make your child focus on the important subjects during the Covid19 period

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The all-time ticking and moving world having negligible time for the 'Wait, Think and Act' process has suddenly come to hold due to Covid19. The very existence of mankind has been threatened by this mere flu leading to a situation of Lockdown which is indirectly moving towards deadlock. All way around the human race has got back to basics with food shelter and clothing at its priority. 


Given the advanced level of clinical research happening at the global level it inevitable that the vaccination is around the corner. People are trying to keep themselves busy from working on both professional and personal front. The IT / ITES business end though is holding up pretty well in comparison to other industries like manufacturing, service, etc.

In this whole turmoil of events, one of the most troublesome agendas is to keep children at home focused on life and in their academics. This situation has given students a great opportunity to enjoy their freedom of not being at school. Online entertainment video, games are something that they can enjoy but they also need to focus on the important subjects of learning during the Covid19 period. 

To understand this we need to understand the basic education system viz:-


Where a governing authority approved certificate is given to students via their classroom teaching model in school, college, and more.


Where the Learning happens with the same classroom model but with no official certification and guarantee of issuing a seat in any esteemed institution. This is basically a helping hand over and above the traditional system like coaching institutes, home tuitions, and more.


This is nothing but learning via Teachers, subject matter experts, but with the help of Technology and personalization of it. E-Learning apps let a student learn the various subject as per their suited time, topic, and speed. This has options of learning a particular topic over and over again which is also a very important USP of this.

These personalised learnings have given students a chance of exploring a particular topic on their own via their favourite medium i.e. Mobile Phones. Learning happening through gamification and online gives the traditional teacher a world of good to create their own structured learning library one time and makes it reusable for as many times as possible. For students, it's a matter of convenience that some students like to have their study time late night while so very early morning.

Students' learning is a continuous process as there is a major sense of curiosity which they are surrounded by at all times. This curiosity cannot be limited to the number of hours a kid is in school or college. But the matter of fact learning can be acquired anywhere and what better than bringing them to their own hands via personalized learning apps.

Having assignments to be done and submitted online will give the teacher-student interaction still happening seamlessly but again there would be people talking about proxy attendance and other factors. But this is like giving your credit card with the pin to some other person and then complaining the bank of online payment fraud. 

Eventually, learning is about your personal liking towards obtaining certain skill sets, knowledge packets, and upgrading yourself. Not only during this Covid19 but post this there is going to be a paradigm shift in the Learning Techniques which will be implemented from both ends the public sectors & private sectors.

The classic scenario just came up two days ago when our Honourable Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharamanji announced government plans to provide ₹99,300 crores for the Educational sector in 2020-21 and about ₹3000 crores for skill development.

Alongside the e-Vidya initiative by the government, 100 universities to start online courses on an immediate basis. This shows that many e-learning education companies have invested hugely in building their technology platform for the distribution of education to the last leg of the education system i.e rural students are on the absolute path of online learning rather than building content.

These kids sitting at home have the best acumen of using these apps for their learning. And teachers could use this as helping hand for them rather than considering technology as a threat. Online education is here to stay and it's expected that all the actors in the educational system i.e schools, teachers, parents, students, and others accept this graciously and make the most of it.