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Beep, Beep!

Step aside, trailblazers of old. Today's young entrepreneurs have proved your last name doesn't have to be "Gates" to make your mark.

This story appears in the January 2001 issue of Entrepreneurs Start-Ups magazine.

They came; they saw; they conquered. They ventured into barren lands and planted their flags, initiating new waves of product ideas, new lines of thought, new methods of getting the job done. At this point, perhaps you're expecting an essay about Mr. Dell, Mr. Gates or some other household name. Sorry to disappoint you (or should we say "Glad to make your day"?), but we're thinking of some young entrepreneurs who, while perhaps lesser known, are no less deserving of the "trailblazer" designation-not only because they planted their proverbial flags, but because they're planting more and more of them by the second. If these entrepreneurs are any indication of the kinds of pioneers we'll see throughout the 21st century, today's trailblazers prove that it's good for history to repeat itself. And they also prove that it's not out of reach for you to blaze a trail of your own.

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