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Getting a good workout is hard enough for entrepreneurs. Between finding time to get to the gym or go out on a run and maintaining the focus you need to really make it a successful workout, it's tough. Getting a good workout in the time of coronavirus is even harder. As gyms slowly reopen, they do so with restrictions that aren't exactly conducive to a productive workout. If you're trying to run outside, you're probably struggling with an uncomfortable mask and unpredictable summer weather.

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Many people, therefore, are still focused on getting great at-home workouts. But where treadmills and stationary bikes fall short, the Vortex VX3 Fluid Assist® AR Water Rower succeeds.

This powerful water rower helps you get an extensive, powerful full-body workout in as little as 15 minutes each day. The VX-3 Fluid Assist® adjusts fluid resistance levels via wireless controls built into the handle, letting you increase or decrease your workload at the press of a button. That way, you can get the same natural resistance you'd feel while rowing on water. It doesn't matter if you're completely new to rowing or you've been doing it for a long time, the VX3 makes rowing accessible for everyone.

The on-water rowing simulator and motorized resistance control let you get a variety of workouts from home. Whether you want to do HIIT sessions, cardio, or endurance sessions, or just workout in short sprints, this system has you covered and you can dive into the preset workouts as you wish.

And if you're concerned about purchasing a piece of equipment that is built to last, you won't be disappointed. This commercial rower is designed to be used in luxury gyms and HIIT classes, so can certainly withstand your daily use for years to come. No cheap plastic parts to be seen. 

Rowing is an outstanding, low impact workout and now you can do it from home. The Vortex VX3 Fluid Assist® AR Water Rower is normally $3,195 but if you use coupon code VORTEX18, you can get it for just $1,800 today.

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