How are Businesses Innovating Solutions Amidst COVID-19 Crisis?

What can businesses do to remain in demand?

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As uneasiness due to the coronavirus outbreak looms around startups, many decide to layoff their employees or in worst cases, shut their doors. While the difficulty of running day-to-day operations is certain, several other entrepreneurs are making the most of this period by molding their business operations to suit the changing demands of their customers.


The nationwide lockdown has made customers aware of their independent skills — from preparing a meal instead of ordering online, ride their own vehicle instead of booking a cab, and doing their own laundry instead of pick-ups. Hence, there will be an increase in products and services which will make customers progressively independent. Privately-owned vehicles, regardless of whether new or second hand, washing machines, and dishwashers, and in some cases, cooking lessons could be in demand. Everything that makes their life comfortable will be in demand.

They have likewise moved from overdoing it on superfluous products to saving money and making it last more. They are pondering their utilization now more than ever. The sustainable lifestyle will offer a route to the development outlook in a couple of months. Be that as it may, all things considered, even post the coronavirus period, the per capita utilization will show delayed growth for the following three to five years as individuals figure out how to live within their means.

So, what can businesses do to remain in demand?

Keep the correct outlook

In the current circumstance, entrepreneurs must comprehend the magnitude of the situation and still be rest assured that it is temporary. As it is commonly known, entrepreneurs are versatile and ingenious, so it becomes necessary for them to stop and re-structure their business. A financial setback could also leave business owners in retrospection of their thoughts, and to address whether they have the means to get through. Thus, for such businesses to endure and continue, a shift in mindset isn't one of the choices, it is their only choice.

Transitioning to online from offline services

One significant outcome of social distancing due to COVID-19 is the change of business operations from offline to online shopping. This incorporates divisions, for example, the food & beverage business; in many areas, the guidelines have been relaxed cafes and restaurants to enroll takeaway services in lieu of dining out. For SMBs that can offer items or services online but don't have an advanced presence at present, launching a website rapidly and safely is maybe the most immediate approach to turn the business to adjust to the current conditions. By empowering customers to make purchases online, organizations can neutralize a considerable amount of issues caused by social distancing.

Presenting relevant products

With most business services on hold, numerous organizations have discovered their products and services have zero demand. With their contributions having no significance in today’s time, many businesses have been compelled to rapidly reconfigure their product line and change their plans of action. Given the way that the current demand contains just basic needs and protection gear, many associations have chosen to offer PPEs, masks, sanitizers, and other necessary products. Versatility remains the way to endurance and associations that show brisk flexibility are the ones that will remain in demand.

This is an extraordinary situation and organizations of all shapes and sizes have been influenced and to be able to survive, they must be ready to rapidly change their operations to tap early on opportunities.