This Journalist, Who Lost Her Job To Recession, Found a Calling While Living In Her Parents' Attic

Cassady Cayne, an author, believes it's during the 'dark night of a soul' that we have a chance to listen and hear our soul's true purpose

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When the last recession hit, Cassady Cayne was a young journalist, just a couple years into her professional career, working hard to make it big in London. Her family back home in Scandinavia was proud of their daughter and her progress. It was rare for young people from her home town to study abroad and score a prestigious job in a big media house as she did.

Cassady Cayne

No wonder, when at the age of 21 she had to move back into her parents’ attic after being made redundant, there was a strong sense of disappointment, even shame from her family.

Stranded in the house where she grew up, Cayne was going through more than just a financial worry. Complete loss of direction mixed with a paralyzing sense of meaningless of life, combined with health issues that no doctor could explain. She was falling deeper and deeper into depression. Being suddenly thrown out of her path, she was realizing she had never chosen the path in the first place. Get an education, get a job and mortgage—it was as if until now she was living a pre-written scenario and now was forced to face herself for the very first time. 

“In this big Universe, what could I ever do that would make any real difference? In the grand scheme of things, how was there any point to my existence?” said Cayne.

Every day of unemployment was like another, until one night when Cayne had a strange dream. In the dream, she experienced a never-felt before a sense of calm, embracing love and support. Someone was speaking to her, telling her that she was loved, truly loved, and that was the meaning she was searching for all along. Waking up the next morning, she could think of nothing else but how to get this wonderful feeling back. 

“I haven’t known much love and appreciation in my life. My father, who grew up in a children’s home, was emotionally stingy, so was the whole culture I grew up in.” 

More than anything, she was afraid that the feeling would never come again, but in the months that followed, Cayne went through more experiences like this. She was astounded by the clarity of the messages and intensity of emotions she lived through in her dreams. At the same time, this new experience left her with more questions than answers: Where were the messages coming from? What did it mean for her life?  Was she going mad? Trying to test this new ability, she would leave handwritten notes under her pillow, asking “who is speaking to me?” 

Cayne dove into research. As a journalist, she was no stranger to meticulously checking the facts and verifying her information sources. Yet the more she searched, the clearer it became that there was no conventional explanation to her new experience. Finally, she ended up scheduling a call with a spiritual healer who did not give a clear definition of the experience, yet was able to point out some energy work tools to dive deeper.

One of the messages that prevailed, among others, was the idea that Cayne needed to start sharing about her experience with others. She knew no one in her ‘old life’ would care to listen, so she set off on a solo journey and published her first blog article. For a while, it felt like there was no one really reading her posts, yet the push to share she felt was so strong, that she stayed on this path and even put out an offer for her coaching services, where she would use her newfound abilities to guide others.

After a few months, she finally managed to get out of her parents’ house into her own apartment where she could focus on her blog and developing her new abilities. She soon discovered she was not alone, her blog was growing rapidly, receiving messages from all over the world from people who were having similar experiences and just like Cayne were searching for an explanation. 

Cayne remained on the path and her audience grew rapidly, totaling at 450 thousand people at the beginning of 2020. It’s been three years since she moved from gloomy Scandinavia to sunny LA where most of her audience is located. Since discovering and mastering her new abilities, which Cayne herself refers to as ‘spiritual awakening’ many things in her life tend to resolve quickly. Her visa to the US that was promising to take ages was approved just after one interview, her health issues, which no doctor could explain, finally were under control. While none of that happened overnight, but gradually she felt like she was getting better and solutions were showing up faster, so she kept going. 

Finally, just before 2020 pandemic hit, Cayne received a publishing offer from HayHouse—a publisher representative saw her self-published books ranking higher than one of their books and offered her a deal. Just as the world descended into a new economic crisis post-COVID-19, her new book, The Universe Speaks, filled with channeled messages got released. Cayne strongly believes that while not everyone is destined to the kind of spiritual work that she does, often hard times, such as losing your job, going through extreme uncertainty and financial struggles opens us up to our true path. It’s during the ‘dark night of a soul’ that we have a chance to listen and hear our soul’s true purpose, which would eventually lead to finding success.