This Young Entrepreneur Built A 6-Figure Empire at 16

Confronting social prejudice, Umar Cassim is the clear example that age is only a number and that with hard and smart work, strategy and planning, anything is possible
This Young Entrepreneur Built A 6-Figure Empire at 16
Image credit: Umar Cassim
Umar Cassim

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Focusing on an objective and working with effort and dedication on actions that lead to achieving it has been one of the elements that have driven Umar Cassim, a young entrepreneur, who, at only 16 years old, has managed to conquer success and continues to grow personally and entrepreneurially.

However, his self-confidence has been the main motivation for this young man. What he considers a key technique is “having the guts to take the next step”. But how, at 16, is he considered a top-level entrepreneur?

A simple answer: Vision. From the age of 14, Cassim began his journey into the entrepreneurship that would transform his life. Needless to say, he is the kind of teenager who will not have to return to his parents for lunch money.

Early entrepreneurship

In the corridors of his school, Cassim began marketing rare sneakers to local sneakerheads for profit. In other words, sneakerheads are a community that seeks totally exclusive and expensive sneakers, like Air Jordans, Yeezys and Off-White collaborations.

But this was only the beginning. With the skill of a top-level salesman, the astute young man forged a remarkable reputation on social networks. "I've built up a large Instagram fan base in the fashion niche. From there it was just uphill.”

After gaining a large following, the young man decided to make the biggest investment of his life: his own brand. At 16, he stopped reselling shoes to increase the online presence of influencers.

To do this, he uses gifts as a catalyst for his growing business. His money was initially used to promote campaigns for potential customers within social networks, which has so far led to excellent results.

The perfect combination

Keeping a bit of his past and future, this young man makes the perfect combination. He holds draws at Instagram as part of his campaigns, where he gives away sneakers to those who meet the mandatory rules of each draw.

He receives weekly applications from customers who want to be part of his Instagram handle. According to Cassim's estimates, its customers can win between 1,500 and 3,000 active followers in a week.

How do you do it?

The entrepreneurial skills that young Cassim possesses do not work by magic. At his young age, he has the ability to study and identify disruptive strategies that make a difference within a social network and carry them out with his clients, as is the case with sweepstakes.

But this is not a process he does lightly, which is why he shares some of his steps to achieve success in his business:

Building a team

Although Cassim's business is self-employed, the sneakerhead community functions as their joint team. One term the young man uses in these cases is "profit groups”. According to their own experience, they help to increase the follow-up of their customers and themselves.

In this case, they are contest regulars, who follow any of the draw instructions. But additionally, it extends to potential new followers who are looking for the prize.

Cassim says, "Team building is extremely important because they are the workforce behind a brand you own and represent," he says. "I look for people who believe in the same values as I do.”

Making a difference

While fashion is a complex and broad field. This 16-year-old has managed to occupy a valuable place in the digital environment. Today, he is not satisfied with just Instagram and has made space in other networks such as TikTok, where he has more than 62,000 followers.

He uses the account to spread shoe videos related to sneakerheads. One of the ones that has accumulated the most views has been "Making the Beasts Crazy, Part 2", which got over 2.9 million views.

It also has its own YouTube channel where it shares original content on all aspects of fashion. All these aspects allow it to stand out from the rest. "I have a positive reputation and I always keep my word", is one of the aspects that characterize the business personality of this young man.

Don't take shortcuts

One of what the young man considers to be the main mistakes, at the beginning was to see the possibility of taking shortcuts, trusting the wrong people. This is very common when you want to undertake a project.

However, he advises you to use successful people instead, to admire them and turn them into inspiration. This will allow you to start a path of work, effort and dedication by recreating their steps, and not by taking wrong paths.

To believe that you have achieved what you want is a mistake. This young man is just beginning his growth in the business world. He plans to expand his opportunities in the future and focus on other areas of his interest such as the real estate industry and e-commerce.  

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