Gym and Yoga Institutes Reopen: 5 Precautions You Must Take to Stay Safe During Covid-19

The fitness and yoga centres have reponed following the strict guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. However, to be safe, healthy and fit during Covid-19, we list down five precautions that you must religious follow

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As we enter the "Unlock 3" phase, the Indian government is slowly and steadily giving more relaxation. The new plan includes reopening of the gyms, yoga centres, and cinema halls with strict guidelines to be followed. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, this news comes as a treat for many. However, let's not forget the gravity of the situation. 


While the centres follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, you need to take responsibility. If you are planning to hit any of the fitness centre, just take a pause. No doubt sweating it out and being physically fit should be the mantra but one also needs to be mindful of getting exposed to the virus.

To be safe, healthy, and fit during Covid-19, we list down five precautions that you must religious follow:

1. Carry Your Gears:

First and foremost, when heading out of the house, make sure you are carrying all the basic things that are required in the gym. Carry multiple masks, sanitizer, water bottle, face wipes, disinfectant spray, mat, gloves, sweatbands, and more. Use them as and when required to avoid any kind of contamination.

2. Enter and Leave on Time:

As the fitness centres reopen, time will be allotted to each of its members. Don't loiter around for unnecessary reasons. Reach on the time allotted to you and leave as well. In case it's crowded, maintain a safe distance until people leave.

3. Sanitize Everything:

Once you are out in a public place, you are exposed to cross-contamination. Considering you are carrying all the required sanitisation products, use them on gym equipment. Do not touch your face. Ensure to carry a small bottle of sanitizer in your pocket while you workout.

4. Social Distancing

Just because you are out and adapting to new normal, doesn't mean you forget the basics of social distancing. Ensure a distance of six-feet always.

5. Wear Gloves and Sweatbands

One of the most vital practice should be that of wearing the two all the time. How does it help? It makes sure your hands are covered and acts as a barrier between germs and direct skin. Also, when you are sweating, the band absorbs the same. 

While a lot of you would want to step out and exercise, be cautious, and take precautions. And most importantly, don't step out of the home, in case you are not well. 

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