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Toot Your Own Horn

Would you water-ski from a blimp to promote your Web site?

This story appears in the January 2001 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Jeff Taylor is founder and CEO of the $100 million-plus , the career-search site that, in 1999, launched a now-legendary ad that featured children enthusiastically predicting abysmal career outcomes: "I want to claw my way to middle ;" "I want to be forced into early retirement." But Taylor, 40, is becoming a legend himself, thanks to stunts like water- from his company's blimp and having that same blimp fly over Coca-Cola headquarters last year as 2,000 employees were given pink slips.

In 2000, you told USA Today that someday you'd like to be in the President's Cabinet as the Labor Secretary. Were you serious?

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