How This Entrepreneur Made Six Figures In Just A Few Months: Analyzing His Path

Lukas Tsimopoulos, a young Australian who started his route by selling trendy products on eBay and ended becoming an e-commerce expert, shares his powerful advice
How This Entrepreneur Made Six Figures In Just A Few Months: Analyzing His Path
Image credit: Lukas Tsimopoulos

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Learning new things can be a challenge for many, even more so for a 14-year old whose intention is to find a way out of the boredom of the daily school routine. But to think that this learning can lead you to reach your highest level as an entrepreneur at only 20 years old makes it even more interesting. This is the case of Lukas Tsimopoulos, a young Australian who started his route by selling trendy products on eBay.

What began as a distraction became a passion sometime later and the beginning of what today represents his own business. This entrepreneur of only 20 years has obtained a great performance to reach several figures with his online companies and is currently on his way to achieving a million dollars in one of his brands.

While one may see the start of his business life as a mere coincidence, the reality is that Tsimopoulos' skills and interest in e-commerce were evident from a very young age. Knowing more and more about this environment led him to go deeper into how to make money through one of the most accessible resources: the Internet. It was then that he learned about the dropshipping business model so that he could no longer stop at his purpose.  

From hospitality to e-commerce

His experience working in the family hospitality business in Australia was combined with his interest in e-commerce. This led him to build his own brand on the Internet and in just a few months he made multiple six-figure profits, which made it clear to him that he was on the right track.

But to stay at this point seemed impossible for this young visionary, who not only focused on growing his brand online and other projects, but to share his experience with young people, who like him wanted to see the opportunity to start a business, without much experience, but with the clear objective that they wanted to achieve.

This aspect led him to increase his followers on Instagram to 70,000. All of them, ambitious people, with a similar mentality and desire to achieve their goals.

How did he achieve this? Tsimopoulos shares some tips below.

Offer valuable solutions

“At the end of the day, business is simply the solution to people's problems. If you can identify a problem and understand people's interests in it and present them with solutions, you can build a business on it and capitalize on it,” shared Tsimopoulos about his vision on how to offer products or services.

It is possible, believe it

To think that a 20-year-old person has made his money just working on the Internet, using a phone or a laptop, regardless of his location, is unrealistic. Yet this is what has set young people like Tsimopoulos and hundreds of others apart, the opportunity to believe. Finding this world of possibilities and taking advantage of it properly is the first step.

“If millions of others out there can do it, then there's no reason why I can't do it,” is primarily the thought that motivates Tsimopoulos to take on a new project.

Perseverance and consistency

This young entrepreneur says that these two words are key to keeping an idea afloat and moving it forward. Understanding that it is a job that requires effort and not giving up even when things get difficult is one of the biggest challenges he has faced. However, he assures that the results obtained have taught him that every experience, no matter how hard it has been, has been worthwhile to get where he is.

Learn to unlearn

As well as taking action, unlearning what is already in place to break through with new methods or innovate in a scenario as broad as e-commerce is an even greater challenge. However, unlearning either unprofitable habits or obsolete aspects to carry out your plans is an important element if you want to go further and further.

Keep your vision on the target

This will be the most useful resource to get through difficult times. When encountering obstacles along the way, the most effective thing is to keep the vision of what motivated you to undertake. In this way, you will find a way to overcome it and continue to get where you want to go.

Makes mistakes

This aspect Tsimopoulos sees as essential, in fact, he emphasizes what he looks for in his human capital when creating a team. "Making mistakes is crucial to learning and moving forward. If you are able to make mistakes as quickly as possible, we are also able to learn much faster and ultimately just move on.”

Today, this young entrepreneur is working to strengthen his personal and professional growth. He emphasizes that he is focused on becoming his best, and on continuing to reap the rewards of his work, helping others, offering solutions and inspiring young people to reach their goals in a similar way as he has done.

Even in difficult times, such as recent ones, he continues to believe that e-commerce is a universal opportunity to reach new projects and that it is just the beginning of the road for hundreds of entrepreneurs who can find their starting point there.

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