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Data For Dollars

In the information age, knowledge not only matters, it also sells.

This story appears in the January 2001 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Do you really know what you're in today? The National Football League received more from , , and for the rights to broadcast games than it would have cost the networks to buy every team in the league. The Official Airline Guide, which lists every flight from to every city in the world, makes more money than all the domestic air carriers combined. Suddenly, the value of information about transactions may have eclipsed the value of the goods and services being transacted . . . and we must participate in this phenomenon of the new .

Everything about one's life will be chronicled, cataloged, stored, recalled, assembled . . . and sold. I'm convinced we'll see a new "re-intermediator" industry that keeps track of who's selling their information (about you!) for huge profits. I hope you noted that just rescinded its "" statement, letting customers know it'll be participating in the new gold rush.

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