Amazon will allow you to pay with the palm of your hand

Palms are the new fingerprints with Amazon One.
Amazon will allow you to pay with the palm of your hand
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Amazon wants you to "give it a hand" with its latest innovation: the company's new Amazon One palm recognition technology lets people pay in stores, accumulate loyalty points, enter venues, and get to work without accessories. additional. The "highly secure" platform, which was first launched at select Amazon Go stores in Seattle, uses algorithms and hardware to create each user's unique palm signature.

"In most retail environments, Amazon One could become an alternative payment or loyalty card option with a device at the checkout counter alongside a traditional point-of-sale system," wrote Dilip Kumar, vice president of physical retailers. from Amazon, in a blog ad . "Or, to enter a location like a stadium or enter work, Amazon One could be part of an existing entry point to make accessing the location faster and easier."

To register, simply insert your credit card, place your hand on the device, then follow the instructions to link that card with your biometric seal (with the option to enroll one or both palm). Registered users simply hold their unopened hand over an Amazon One machine for a second and go about their day.

In a world of mobile wallets, fingerprint readers, and face scanners, why did Amazon choose palm recognition? "For some important reasons," according to Kumar, who highlighted advantages such as privacy and security, "because you cannot determine the identity of a person by looking at an image of their palm."

"And it's contactless, which we think customers will appreciate, especially in today's times," he continued. "Ultimately, the use of the palm of the hand as a biometric identifier allows customers to control when and where they use the service."

Anyone with a cell phone number and a credit card can register; You don't need an Amazon account, although subscribers can log into the website to manage information and view usage history. Images are never stored on individual Amazon One devices; instead, the data is encrypted and sent to a "highly secure" area in the cloud.

Seattleites can try out the new technology at the original Amazon Go store on 7th Ave., or at the South Lake Union location at 300 Boren Ave. North. "We are excited to see Amazon One in more retail settings and are in active discussions with various potential customers," the blog says. "But beyond that, we will have to ask him to be vigilant."

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