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Presidential Secrets

It's time to research some franchises. Grab your UFOCs . . . and your history book?

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If you've caught the bug, you're certainly not alone. has long been the investment vehicle of choice for hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, and a healthy percentage of them have become multimillionaires.

Selecting and building the perfect franchise, however, isn't for the fainthearted. To make it less daunting, you must understand the process and what's available to you as a prospective franchisee. Of course, to franchise neophytes, the very idea of researching a franchise may be discouraging. Don't worry. The personal courage and insight you need can be found in a variety of sources: books, consulting services . . . even former presidents. Don't laugh. Here, in the classic maxims of our previous leaders, we find insights that ring as true in the world of franchising as in the political arena. Our leaders offer more than two centuries of sound advice that can make the-let's face it, dry-process of franchise research not only more colorful, but also more memorable.

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