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Ministry of Tourism launches National Strategy of Magical Towns in alliance with Unknown Mexico

The Sectur announced the National Strategy of Magical Towns, which aims to disseminate the 121 iconic destinations for their cultural heritage.

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The Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués , presided over the commemorative ceremony of the National Day of Magical Towns, today October 5, 2020 as the first time it is celebrated. In addition, he announced the publication of the National Strategy of Magical Towns in the Official Gazette of the Federation which, today, also came into force. The project will seek to have a new vision of tourism, with a social and inclusive face.


Magic towns

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As a consequence, the states that have destinations awarded the title of Magical Town , must establish at least one of the state strategies that is in accordance with the national project.

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The strategy focuses on fair and balanced development between communities and service providers with the intention of democratizing the benefits that tourism brings. Likewise, it seeks to innovate and diversify the tourist offer always with a sustainable vision.

Official Site of Pueblos Magicos

Photo: Roberto González. Credit: Angélica Navarro

On the other hand, the permanence and entry of destinations to the list of Magical Towns will be carried out through a continuous evaluation model that values tourism planning and development. Both at the local and state level, authorities seeking an appointment will have to adhere to the National Strategy of Magical Towns and adopt sustainable development policies.

The Magical Towns program began 19 years ago and to date there are 121 unique towns for their cultural heritage and history. In the context of this celebration, the Government of Mexico launched the Pueblos Mágicos WebApp in collaboration with México Desconocido.