This company wants to give a useful life to coconut waste from large factories

Oh My Coco was created by Mariana Rodríguez, an entrepreneur who seeks to help the planet with her products.

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  • Among the Oh My Coco products are bowls, cutlery such as a knife, fork, spoons; straws, toothbrushes and others.

Our planet needs us and entrepreneurs know it . Mariana Rodríguez, an engineer who works in a technology company, who loves to cook and prepare dishes in smoothie bowls, wanted to find a way to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

"I was looking for an option that was totally ecological, that had a plus, that in addition to the fact that I liked it a lot, it will help the environment in a certain way and that is how I discovered this way of reusing coconuts, and I really liked it", says Mariana Rodríguez in an interview with Entrepreneur in Spanish.

This is how Oh My Coco was born two years ago, a Mexican company of sustainable utensils created with coconut waste. Mariana started with an investment of six thousand Mexican pesos ($ 279.92 at the exchange rate of October 8, 2020) and until today she has billed around one million pesos.

From waste to utensils you could use for life

Among the Oh My Coco products are bowls, cutlery such as a knife, fork, spoons; straws, toothbrushes and others. These products must take special care that can be found on the official website of the brand.

The utensils of this company are recycled from waste from large companies that use coconut food or water as raw material and discard the shells that are considered as waste. "You help the environment because they are shells that were going to be discarded, that they were going to burn and we rescued them for a second use," explains Mariana.

The entrepreneur says that with proper use and care, her items are durable and even if you no longer want to use them for eating, you can place the bowls, for example, in your garden and transform them into pots.

Likewise, it ensures that its star products are the original bowl that is priced at 230 Mexican pesos and the zero waste kit with a price of 550 Mexican pesos. "We care that everything is sustainable, from the utensils to the packaging in which we deliver them, they are biodegradable boxes."

Image: Oh My Coco via Facebook.

Oh My Coco is found in more than 10 organic stores nationwide and in HEB, its products can also be purchased on its official website , Amazon and Mercado Libre.

Mariana says that her merchandise comes mainly from Vietnam since the factories with the most waste from this plant are located in that part of Asia, although her plans are to start working with waste from companies located in Mexico.

100% undertake without fear of success

One day her sister gave her the idea to participate in Shark Tank México, which airs every Friday at 10:00 p.m. on Canal Sony , the entrepreneur searched the internet for the requirements, decided to register and was selected.

Mariana asked for 800 thousand pesos (40 thousand dollars approximately) for 25% of her company. However, after questions from the sharks and negotiation, the entrepreneur did not receive the investment.

Image: Shark Tank México

But, the businesswoman does not give up because her dream is to dedicate herself to her brand 100%, although right now she does it while working in a technology company, her goal is to “get Oh! My Coco forward ”.

At the moment, his plans are to optimize his online platform and continue to expand in ecommerce channels, since due to the pandemic it is the way through which he has managed to have more sales.

The entrepreneur has become an expert in combining her basic work with the development of her brand and that is why she gives us a couple of tips for people who even being employees dare to undertake:

  1. It is difficult but not impossible, do not give up, there is always time, companies will grow at your own pace and not at that of others, take your time.

  2. Do not be afraid to undertake while you work , here the organization is everything "if they organize they can achieve it". They must take into account that they will have more work than anyone else, but the key is to start without fear.

" Always pursue your dreams , you can always find the moment in the day, the time to achieve your goals and dreams that you set for yourself," concludes Mariana.
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