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That always yes: List of the 12 cheeses and a yougurt that can be sold again

Profeco indicated that 13 of the 25 suspended products "have already accredited the corrections required to meet official standards."

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

After the announcement by the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office (Profeco) about the prohibition of marketing more than 20 types of "cheese" in Mexico , it has been announced that some products will return for sale, after proving compliance with the corresponding regulations .

Profeco indicated that 13 of the 25 suspended products “have already accredited the corrections required to meet official standards and may now return to the market.” Therefore, they can be distributed and sold in Mexico again.

These corrections in the labeling of these dairy products range from the change of the legend "100% MILK" to "100% DAIRY", the reformulation of the list of ingredients, the declaration of caseinates, checks of origin and confirmations that the net product declared is equal to that included in the packaging

In the coming days, Profeco will have hearings with the legal representatives of the companies that maintain the suspension so that they can present evidence that allows them to return to the market.

The cheeses that can be sold again

This Saturday, October 17, Profeco released the list of 13 products that are returning to the market:

  • FUD, panela cheese 200 grams
  • FUD, panela cheese 400 grams
  • FUD, panela cheese in its presentation of square slices
  • Imported Christmas Eve, 400 gram Manchego cheese
  • Aurrera, cheese imitation, manchego sweetbread type 200 grams
  • Cremería Covadonga, La Mancha Manchego cheese in slices of 400 grams
  • LALA, lactosed Manchego cheese, sliced 400 grams
  • Zwan, panela cheese, in its presentation of 400 grams
  • Little Red Riding Hood, 400 grams low lactose manchego cheese
  • Little Red Riding Hood, lactose lactose Manchego cheese
  • Zwan Premium, 400 grams of Manchego cheese
  • Portales cheese, Manchego type cheese in its presentation of 300 grams

Danone Natural also modified its labeling.

The ones that cannot be sold yet

  • The Attorney General's Office also announced that there are products pending review. These are:
  • FUD care-t +, sliced manchego cheese of 150 grams
  • Precissimo, American type 140 grams
  • Burr, 302 gram American type cheese imitation
  • Selecto Brand, Manchego type singles, net content 140 grams
  • Premier plus squares, imitation of Manchego type cheese / in bulk
  • Frankly, imitation of Manchego type cheese in bulk
  • Galbani, mix of grated, fresh and ripe cheeses, net content of 170 grams
  • The Parral
  • Philadelphia, reduced fat American type cheese / American type processed cheese
  • Walter, Manchego cheese, net content 400 grams
  • Sargento, grated Parmesan cheese, net content 141 grams
  • Danone Bene Gastro, natural yogurt