Do you have a heroin company? Participate in this ranking that recognizes all companies with purpose and heart

LIVE 13.5 °, the first organizational happiness consultancy in Mexico and Latin America, launched its first Heroine Companies Ranking in 12 Latin American countries. Be part of it.
Do you have a heroin company? Participate in this ranking that recognizes all companies with purpose and heart
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Without a doubt, this 2020 is a challenging year and it is testing everyone in all areas. In business, the leaders who have been challenged to keep their organization healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, not a few companies have been left behind. In Mexico, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) estimates that 500,000 formal companies will permanently close as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, which implies the loss of 1,573,000 jobs.

However, there are those organizations that, despite adverse circumstances, managed to reinvent themselves, maintained their operations, productivity and, above all, protected the most valuable thing: the well-being and happiness of their employees.

Happy and productive companies

Why do people's happiness and well-being matter? Mercer's annual report, Global Talent Trends 2020, shows that companies that are paying attention to protecting the health, financial well-being and career aspirations of their employees are up to four times more productive.

“A company that has in its DNA to take care of its employees is a company with a heart, with a purpose, that by applying strategies of well-being and happiness manages to be resilient, positive and productive. Therefore, it is a company that deserves to be recognized as a Heroin company, ”says Nancy Martínez, CEO of LIVE 13.5 °.

In the search to help organizations build more positive, happy and productive workplaces and to recognize those organizations that are already taking the steps to achieve it, this is why this organizational happiness consultancy decided to create the Heroine Companies Ranking .

"It will be different from all those that exist so far," says the founder of LIVE 13.5º. "It will be developed under a more human vision, inspired by Organizational Happiness and reinforcing universal values in the world of work."

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What is sought in the Heroine Companies Ranking is to recognize the organizations that seek the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial balance of their collaborators; promote well-being and happiness as a strategic value of productivity and promote the existence of more healthy, positive and resilient companies.

Who can participate in this ranking? Those companies that implement strategies to take care of the well-being of their employees and keep their organization strong; that positively impact society with different initiatives to contribute to a better world; those who adapt quickly, positively and creatively to change; and also, employer brands that continue to be a benchmark for those who are looking for work.

Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Argentina, Peru and Chile are the countries where this ranking will be present.

The award

The company that manages to be ranked with the first place will be able to attend the HR Day at Harvard 2021 . In addition, she will be the recipient of a scholarship for two in the Gross Global Happiness at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica; and the World Happiness Foundation will award him the World Happiness Award. This award will be in addition to the physical recognition and seal of "Heroine Company" that is also awarded to companies that are ranked.

How to take part

Unlike other business rankings, in Empresas Heroinas any company can participate (regardless of the number of employees it has, the amount they invoice per year, the country of origin and the line of business they represent).

Something important, says Nancy, is that, "this ranking is designed so that LIVE 13.5 is not judge and party." For this reason, there will be auditors during the evaluation process and top-level juries that are globally recognized. Likewise, all participating companies will receive a diagnosis.

The evaluation process

It will be carried out through four phases:

  1. Poll
  2. Evidence
  3. Pitch
  4. Validation of results by the Jury (Hero Hunters)

The evaluation will be carried out by the Happy Work Foundation , who are an international benchmark in research on organizational well-being, they will be in charge of ensuring the scientific and methodological rigor of the measurement.

A total of 18 categories related to organizational demands and labor resources will be evaluated to determine the vulnerability index to psychosocial risk and the Organizational Happiness index of each company that decides to enroll in the ranking.

In Mexico, Entrepreneur will be the revealing medium of the Ranking of Heroine Companies.

Key dates

  • November 30, 2020 is the closing date for registrations.
  • The following months the analysis process will take place.
  • April 2021 , the final results and the names of the hero companies will be announced.

To register for the Ranking, nominate a company or learn more about this great initiative, visit:

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