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These are the advantages for your SME when allying with large companies to continue their operation and reinvent themselves

Maintain your business operations, connect with your team and automate processes safely. Cisco helps you reinvent your workplace.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

2020 has been a challenging year. The COVID-19 pandemic permanently changed our personal and work lives. In addition, it accelerated the digital transformation of many businesses and organizations. This brought with it new challenges.

In this new normal, remote work will become more and more frequent. A PwC survey of US Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) revealed that more than half (54%) of companies will make remote work a permanent option. Something similar will happen in the rest of the world.

Although there is a distance to avoid the contagion of the coronavirus, this crisis taught us that we can make use of technology to get closer to those we love the most or to continue doing our work. IT became the ally that allowed hundreds of businesses to maintain their operation and even achieve growth, in some cases.

However, the challenges of remote work are not few. Security issues stand out. Did you know that in Mexico cyber attacks increased by 300%? In addition, there are issues to be resolved regarding privacy, simplification and automation of processes.

A bridge of collaboration

Although telecommuting is no longer alien to many entrepreneurs, they are still trying to figure out how to achieve greater productivity and collaboration between their teams and ensure that work keeps moving forward. And, despite the fact that the business reopening has already begun, many will keep the scheme remote because of the benefits they have found in it.

When the world needs work, work at Webex

There are many large companies that have realized that growing businesses require tailor-made solutions that are simple, flexible, secure and also provide support to the entrepreneur who does not have an IT department.

Cisco wants to become that bridge of possibilities. That is why it makes available to small companies solutions that allow them to reimagine and redesign their work , regardless of where it is done (your home, a cafeteria, during a trip), as long as you have connectivity.

Effective meetings

A strong business starts with strong relationships, so having effective meetings is a priority. In this sense, Cisco offers Webex, a complete collaboration solution in the cloud that combines call, meeting and messaging services in a single subscription. The best thing is that you can use it from a laptop, desktop or through a mobile device.

Something that is already indispensable are videoconferences. In this regard, Webex Meetings offers highly secure embedded audio, video, and shared content from Cisco Webex Cloud. The tool has cognitive collaboration features, a digital voice assistant, and artificial intelligence that make meetings more productive by automating some tasks.

Use this tool for free with the trial plan that Cisco has for you. Webex Meetings allows you to hold meetings of up to 50 minutes and with up to 100 participants, HD videos, screen sharing, and a personal room.

Reliable workplaces

Face-to-face activities begin to resume. How to guarantee the safety and well-being of your collaborators? Trusted Workplace Solutions has Cisco DNA Spaces, a tool that takes advantage of your WiFi infrastructure to monitor density in offices and alert when there is close physical contact.

The company has a portfolio for each type of industry and size of organization. The sectors range from education, healthcare, small construction, transportation, government, oil and energy, financial services, manufacturing, mining and retail. Analyze the option that best suits your needs .