Nationwide Fitness Equipment Shortages Allow AD4M Fitness To Fill the Demand

The Wyoming-based brand is founded by husband and wife team Vincent and Monika Briatore

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If you’ve been in the market for home gym equipment you might have noticed “out of stock” signs posted across the websites of most major retailers.

AD4M Fitness

Even a quick search through popular e-commerce marketplace juggernauts Amazon and Walmart yields few results. According to market research popular overseas manufacturers in places like China still have a six-month backlog. It’s not looking good for Christmas shoppers either, unless they’re willing to pay a high premium for used products auctioned on sites like Ebay.

This COVID-19 lockdown fueled shortage has allowed one company, Ad4m Fitness to establish itself in the competitive fitness equipment industry. Ad4m LLC, aka Ad4m Fitness, is a Wyoming-based brand founded by husband, and wife team Vincent and Monika Briatore.

In just a few short months their company has reach a staggering 1.2 million a month in US sales making it the fastest growing private fitness brand startup of 2020.

The couple had the foresight to see the implications of this shortage in early 2020, and established exclusive rights with a manufacturer to produce cast iron weights, and barbells.

The company employs a warehouse in San Jose, California with others being planned here in Amarillo TX, and New York. It’s good to know that American exceptionalism, and the entrepreneur spirit is alive, and well even during these trying times. There’s always opportunity for those bold enough to venture outside the beaten path.