3 Elements to Transcend in Life and Leave a Mark

Martha Herrera, global director of Social Impact at CEMEX and director of the CEMEX-Tec de Monterrey Center, called on the entrepreneurial community to seek its purpose.
3 Elements to Transcend in Life and Leave a Mark
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“Seeking a purpose in life to transcend” was the main invitation from Martha Herrera, global director of Social Impact at CEMEX and director of the CEMEX-Tec de Monterrey Center during the second day of INCmty.

As part of the talk, Martha Herrera commented: "more than 80% of people are asleep, following others and although not all dreams come true, they must be willing to do something to achieve them", therefore, the three shared elements that she has used constantly to transcend personally and professionally: vision, personal development and purposes.

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1. Vision. "It is necessary to identify which is the gasoline that motivates you to get up every day"

  • Define what is your story and narrative that you want to tell about your life and your professional career based on identifying your strengths, talents, knowledge and skills.
  • Be aware that all your actions and attitudes must be aligned with your values and principles.
  • Have a leadership vision and learn to develop with your team.

2. Personal development. "Make small changes every day of your life"

  • Create awareness to expand a network, both at work and in life, that allows you to achieve the goals you have set.
  • Find and surround yourself with the people with whom you share goals and visions.
  • Integrate practice systems that allow you to maintain your curiosity.
  • Find mentors to help you grow.
  • Identify what balance you give to each aspect of your life: friends, family, collaborators, money, work.

3. Purpose of life. "How do I live my life purpose?"

  • Set a life purpose and develop a plan A, B and C.
  • Review and adjust your plan as it unfolds.
  • Find the balance between what you believe, what you do and what you are.
  • Discern between what you want to do and what you don't. Learn to say no to focus on the things that really add value.

Based on these tips, the director of the CEMEX-Tec de Monterrey Center invited people to take spaces for reflection in these uncertain times to build a community where a vision can be shared without leaving anyone behind. "To become agents of change, so that each one can fight from their own trenches", concluded Martha Herrera.

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