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If You Haven't Tried This Grocery Delivery Service Yet, It's Time

Instacart makes life easier for busy entrepreneurs.

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With so many tasks to balance and juggle at work, it’s easy to let your personal needs fall through the cracks. Forgetting to do laundry for a little longer than you’d like, letting your personal hygiene slip a bit — those aren’t the end of the world when you’re working from home. But when’s the last time you went grocery shopping? Maybe you’ve thought about signing up for a grocery delivery service but haven’t taken the time to research the different options. With a difficult winter ahead, it’s time to get serious about grocery delivery.


The fact is that living on takeout pizza and sandwiches will take a toll on your health. And as much as your kids may enjoy it for a while, even they would likely enjoy a home-cooked meal eventually. These days, grocery delivery is the best way to keep the fridge stocked and ensure your family is eating healthy. It’s not just about saving time either. It’s about keeping your family safe and not making unnecessary trips that may put you at risk. When it comes to picking a delivery service, there’s a reason Instacart is leading the pack.

For one thing, using Instacart couldn’t be easier. Just use the app or log on to to browse all of your favorite national and local retailers available in your area. (Trust us, most of your favorite grocery stores are available.) Once you’re online, it’s just like browsing the aisles of a grocery store, only it’s way easier because you can actually search for what you want. You can quickly add items to your cart and when you’re ready to check out, you just select a delivery time.

Instacart will then dispatch a personal shopper to pick up your groceries, choosing all the produce with the same care you’d use. Whether you need lots of produce, some pantry staples, household essentials, office supplies, or just a bunch of wine, your personal shopper can have it to you in as little as two hours. They even deliver from certain retailers like Sephora now if you’re in a pinch.

If the store is out of something, your shopper will text you directly to help find an alternative. It’s much more personal than other options where they pick a replacement that you may not like or just drop items from your order altogether. Plus, with new Contactless Delivery, you don’t have to worry about risking exposure to Covid-19.

The fact is that signing up for grocery delivery is a smart move as we approach what may be a long, difficult winter. Instacart is more personal and provides more options than alternatives like Amazon so it’s certainly worth checking out today.

Note: Delivery subject to availability, Instacart is not available in all zip codes. Additional terms apply.

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