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Setting Up Real Virtual Meetings

Taking your meetings online

Have you tried Web conferencing yet? Whether you need to make a live presentation, hold a meeting or conduct training sessions or seminars, doing it online can save your company everything from venue fees to travel costs.

At the Astound Conference Center, you can set up a virtual meeting place where you can collaborate on a project with colleagues around the world, hold a press conference, train your telecommuting employees or make a multimedia presentation to potential clients.

The conference center per-person prices are based on the features needed:

  • $10 per person per event for Web conferencing (text)
  • $15 per person for Web conferencing with streaming audio
  • $30 per person for Web conferencing with streaming audio and video

The center also offers a per-minute pricing schedule or monthly rates, depending on the frequency and duration of your meetings. Keep in mind that the speed of each participant's Internet access affects their ability to experience multimedia presentations.

Other Web conferencing sites include PlaceWare and WebEx.

Aliza Sherman is an entrepreneur and author of Cybergrrl: A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web (Ballantine Books). She is currently working on her next book and new company.