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Google for Startups Accelerator bets on Latin American women in its Winter 2020 edition

Six of the 12 selected companies have female co-founders.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

After an arduous selection process, Google for Startups is pleased to announce the 12 Latin American companies selected for the Winter 2020 version of the Google for Startups Accelerator LATAM . This program is aimed at startups in a growth stage from all over Latin America. The program will start in November, will last three months, and will be totally virtual.


It is the most diverse group in the history of Accelerator LATAM. Not only because they come from eight Latin American countries and participate in different industries , but because in this edition, six of the 12 selected companies have female co-founders , which represents the largest female presence in the history of the program in the region.

For the selected companies, Accelerator's expertise will be crucial in defining their priorities and cementing their future growth. For that they will have the support of dozens of mentors and expert speakers on business issues; marketing, branding and public relations; organizational culture, artificial intelligence and machine learning ; and Google Ads, Google Cloud and Android Play ; among other technologies and organizational skills.

For the first time, Google for Startups will make available to companies a content-on-demand platform that can be accessed by all teams within companies. That decision comes after Accelerator Latam made its first online edition in the middle of the year.

Among other changes, Accelerator included in its last edition a section dedicated to sharing the best practices of remote and geographically distributed work, and reinforced the contents related to economy, finance and investor relations, given the urgency of these issues in the midst of the crisis . In addition, the program offers virtual spaces for relationship and mentoring, which can help selected entrepreneurs to build contacts effectively.

The 12 selected startups stand out for the talent of their teams and their proven ability to create global solutions to problems present in the region. Accelerator will allow entrepreneurs to learn from the best, scale their products, overcome technological challenges and establish connections with entrepreneurship networks in the region and in Silicon Valley, in order to become agents of change and innovation in the ecosystem of our region. .

The companies belong to market segments such as education, ecommerce, professional services (human resources), health and smart cities:

  • Abartys Health (Puerto Rico) : It is developing a universal identification system for patients, which allows people to have access to their health information regardless of where it was obtained and processed.
  • Alana (Mexico) : Offers cloud-based software as a service for human resource management for the manufacturing and retail sectors.
  • AIM Manager (Chile) : Offers operational and administrative management software in the cloud by subscription.
  • Bolsa Rosa (Mexico) : Provides organizations and workers with part-time and flexible talent management solutions, focused on women and mothers.
  • Colektia (Chile) : It is the first debt collection agency based on artificial intelligence in Latin America.
  • Crack the Code (Peru) : It is an online computer science academy in Spanish.
  • Hauzd (Panama) : Allows the creation of interactive 3D models to help sales of real estate projects without the need for the physical presence of the client.
  • Sagal (Uruguay) : Offers online sales channel management services for Latin American retailers.
  • Runa (Mexico) : Offers automated and easy-to-use payroll management solutions for companies.
  • Talentu (Colombia) : It is a platform that helps companies obtain and retain talent specialized in manual labor.
  • The Food Market (Argentina) : It is a marketplace of local, sustainable, good quality products at fair prices for producers and users.
  • Whyline (Argentina) : Offers organizations cloud solutions to manage waiting times and congestion for customers, improving the experience.

Upon completion of the program, these startups will become part of the prestigious international group of alumni of Google Launchpad Accelerator, where they will join other large-scale Latin American companies such as Canasta Rosa, Ben & Frank, Platzi, Konfio, Ualá, La Haus, Ripio, ComparaOnline , Tienda Nube, and Miroculus, among others.