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Small Businesses Tap Technology to Bounce Forward (Infographic)

It’s no secret that the pandemic has placed a new level of strain on small business owners across the country, coming in the form of stressful days and sleepless nights. But through the challenges, small business owners are adapting and even leading a technical revolution to adjust to constantly changing circumstances. Looking ahead to the holiday shopping season, they’re even optimistic—about the future and about their ability to bounce forward and take on whatever comes next.

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How are they doing it? We wanted to know, too. So we asked 600 small and mid-size business owners. Here’s what we found out:

The challenges small business owners have had to face during the pandemic cannot be overstated. But neither can their resiliency. As they look forward to the holiday shopping season and beyond, small business owners are doing so with a new level of technical proficiency. Comcast Business is here to help with small business solutions that are fast, reliable, and secure, so small businesses can go beyond bouncing back, to bouncing forward.
Comcast Business

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