What It Takes To Ace the Real Estate Market

Entrepreneur Ricky Carruth focuses on building relationships rather than just selling and believes bringing value to buyers is all that matters
What It Takes To Ace the Real Estate Market
Image credit: Ricky Carruth

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A majority of entrepreneurs quit when the going becomes tough, as it possibly is the easiest option. But it those who during such circumstances show their mettle survive.

A beginning of trials and falls could have marked another course in the life of young Ricky Carruth. However, his conviction in real estate made him stick out the difficult phase of losses and in 2008, he re-started as a real estate agent from scratch. This time, with a higher value, establishing ‘relationships over transactions’ as his motto.

During his struggling days, Carruth was roofing houses, losing money, sleeping on friends' couch.

This motto has stayed with him ever since, and it's precisely because of it that in 2014 he managed to sell more than 100 properties in the year as a single agent to become the number one RE/MAX agent in Alabama. He hit the number one spot in the state in 2014, 2017 and 2018 as he has continued to close over 100 properties per year every year since. 

Looking beyond

In 2017, in addition to selling, he was dedicated to training agents in the area of real estate to contribute to their professional strengthening. He has helped agents multiply their income.

Zero to Diamond, Carruth's first real estate training programme, was launched in 2017 and currently has more than 32,000 agents around the world training to improve their sales system. In addition, he still closes over 100 properties per year as a single real estate agent. All this allowed him to leave RE/MAX and join forces with eXp Realty.

Steps to the goal

Walking towards the goal has been an arduous process for this young agent and coach. However, learning and growth has been remarkable and has allowed him to increasingly focus on achieving his goals.

Here are six key takeaways for him from his journey so far:

Having clear goals: Once he recovered from bankruptcy, Carruth focused on what he wanted to achieve. Initially, becoming a reputable real estate agent. And later, this concept evolved positively. Helping others achieve their goals in real estate became a reason to continue. That is why it is important to have clear objectives as a highly relevant aspect to start building the road to success.

Building more relationships over transactions: If there is one thing that has distinguished him over time, it is the characteristic of building more value links than making a sale. He emphasizes that it has been the need to be a millionaire that has led him to make different mistakes.

Getting rid of negativism: Fear and laziness are the biggest challenges this young man has had to go through to get where he is today. These have been his greatest paralyzers. Nevertheless, he assures that once overcome, it is possible to see beyond the near possibilities and set goals that in other circumstances might seem impossible.

Mentality is everything: For Carruth, success has nothing to do with competition or market. It's about mentality. It's the self-imposed limitations that determine the path each person chooses. Once you limit your thoughts, you limit your actions and you lock in the possibilities of what you can achieve. "Success is based on what you can handle," says Carruth.

Failure is part of the process: Once you go through difficult times you realize that these are also part of the process. Welcoming difficult times and handling them properly will eliminate weakness and give way to the strength that will lead to actions that will lead to your goals.

Don't reject a client: For this young entrepreneur, turning down a customer is not an option. It ensures that it is more valuable to work hand in hand with people and help them achieve their goals. Establish commitments, ideas and plans that help create a real connection, that bring value to the customer's life.

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