This Organization Encourages Women to Give Their Businesses a Digital Makeover

The Mexican Association of Women Heads of Business (AMMJE) will hold its Annual Business Summit "Digital Disruption." We have places for you.
This Organization Encourages Women to Give Their Businesses a Digital Makeover
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If there is one segment of business that has been hit hard during this health crisis, it is women-led companies. Although there was already a significant gap with men, the pandemic has made the role of women increasingly heavy, who now have to play more roles at the same time.

The biggest challenge for women entrepreneurs this year has been keeping jobs afloat and taking full advantage of technology to survive or grow. For that reason, the Mexican Association of Women Heads of Business (AMMJE) prepared its Annual Business Summit under the theme "Digital Disruption", which will be held digitally on November 25.

The meeting will be held within the framework of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the AMMJE and seeks that entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over Mexico and Latin America meet through a digital platform to find new business opportunities in the face of the new reality.

During the presentation of the event, Marisol Rumayor Siller, Director of Entrepreneurship of the AMMJE, recognized that in these months of pandemic eight out of 10 companies lost their income or had to close. Between 20 and 30% were businesses headed by women. In addition, physical and economic violence against women increased by 40%.

In response, the AMME 2020 Business Summit seeks to provide the knowledge and tools to achieve the digital transformation of business and with it the integration of new technologies in all areas of its companies. The goal is for them to survive, find new opportunities, and succeed in this ever-changing economic environment.

International Summit Alliance

This year the AMMJE Business Summit will have an international impact, due to its alliance with the Chilean Chamber of Business Women, who organize the International Women and Business Summit 2020 , so there will be dissemination and participation of businesswomen from the continent.

This Summit is held on November 26 and 27 also digitally. It is one of the most important events with a gender perspective that brings together different key actors in the economy of Chile and the world.

It is an event aimed at promoting business, disseminating information and educating on the various trends and topics of interest in the context of COVID-19. It will discuss how to incorporate more women into the world's economies and contribute to the new post-pandemic challenges.

Opportunities Mexico-Chile

In this regard, Nicole Verdugo, Executive Director and President of the Chamber of Women and Business, pointed out that there are multiple opportunities with women with the digitization of their businesses.

"The invitation is to see in digital commerce an opportunity to sell professional products and services and do business between different businesses, we could be selling digital marketing services, business consulting and digital tools," he said.

“We are hurt on the health and social issue, but we must see the opportunities that arise. The opportunities are diverse, Mexicans are very rich in different products, from handicrafts, food, but especially services. Digitization has made it possible to look globally, negotiate and cross borders. Today we don't have to travel, we can have business meetings via Zoom ”, he added.

We have a place for you

The AMMJE has stood out for providing its associates with the most current and relevant information to carry out their business activity and thereby be more competitive every day in the face of the circumstances and challenges that the macro-environment presents.

This event that will bring together businessmen, young entrepreneurs and officials from various business organizations, seeks to promote the incorporation of companies into the digital world and thereby favor the economic reactivation of Mexico and the world.

Among the conferences and panels that the Summit will present are:

Environment and perspective, new business models and trends, Business opportunity areas in Latin America in the face of the new reality, Digital Economy, regulations and security in a global market Financing and alternative investment, Mexico in the World Home Office, Digital Marketing, trends and innovation in Latin America, disruptive entrepreneurship, among others.

As part of the Summit, a Networking Room is contemplated where participants can enrich their network of contacts and participate in the established business rounds, in order to create new opportunities for their companies.

Thanks to the support of the sponsors, the AMMJE has awarded several scholarships for both events. At Entrepreneur we have 10 places for you to be part of this summit.

To get a ticket, send me an email to and tell me why you want to attend.

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