4 Strategic Business Lessons From Entrepreneurs Who Run Their Business Completely Online

As an entrepreneur, you will have to constantly reframe your understanding of what's happening in the business world and be willing to adapt

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has already brought enormous change in the way we do business. Millions of people are forced to run their business completely online, working from home. Of course change is inevitable in business, things change in time; but the pandemic made it compulsory to adapt to a new reality, to survive. Even after several months, the future still looks uncertain; the only thing we can be sure of at the moment is, doing business online.


Right now, for any entrepreneur, the main emphasis should be on sharpening the digital business strategies. Here, four entrepreneurs from different countries and different sectors share their experience and a lesson they’ve learned while running their completely online businesses.

Build your business based on what you’re good at, and learn from your experience: Angelo Raguso

Angelo Raguso is an Italian social media strategist, who embraced digital entrepreneurship after having a successful music career for years. “I’ve devoted myself to music for almost ten years. Having the experience of working with major worldwide labels as a DJ, producer, ghost producer and record label manager, helped me learn the importance of social media presence to become successful.”

Today, Raguso is taking care of social media branding for hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world. “Your experience and knowledge gives you confidence. I’ve created thousands of marketing and branding campaigns to help people stand out on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. You can deliver the results your clients are hoping for only if you know what you are doing and good at it. For me, that’s the most important thing in business.”

Allow yourself to be focused: Truls Aandal, Founder of Your Marketing Partner (YMP)

Managing a business from home can go from great success to total failure in no time. Waking up, and working from the comfort of your bed may seem like a dream. The key to success for myself was to wake up and work where I was most inspired. Whether that be on the porch, in the library, living room or bedroom.

Crafting creative and innovative ideas, and finding ways to put them into reality requires peace of mind and focus. You need to place yourself in an environment that really allows you to focus. My business, founded in 2020 on the train, today serves roughly 450 high-level clients across the world. And we’re just getting started—from the comfort of my home.

Fun fact: My business came to life on the train.

Boost Workplace Satisfaction: Veerakeswaran Ganapathi, Founder and CEO of Aggrandize

Veerakeswaran Ganapathi is a marketing specialist and branding strategist who’s known for his extensive experience in content creation and social media marketing. He founded Aggrandize Digital Solutions in 2016 and quickly positioned the company as a leader in brand marketing, helping clients boost brand recognition and generate more customers by increasing their online visibility and reach.

As the CEO, Ganapathi’s fingerprints are found throughout the company’s operations. He says that while Aggrandize’s success is driven by their high-quality services, the contribution of his team members shouldn’t be understated. After running a successful online business for 4 years, Ganapathi highlights the importance of creating an efficient communication system that enables each member to stay on the same page and make collaboration smooth and easy. Ganapathi also emphasizes the importance of valuing not just your clients, but your team members who work tirelessly behind the scenes. He strives to make Aggrandize the best place to work in, creating a healthy atmosphere that fosters camaraderie, celebrates accomplishments, and reminds everyone to have fun.

Make Sure You Choose a Brandable name and go for the dotcom domain:  Yair Dabush

Yair Dabush, who’s also known as YairDD, is one of the most successful Youtubers in Israel. “I learned that branding is one of the most important aspects of your business and has a significant impact on your success. It’s vital to make sure to choose a name that is easy to pronounce and pass the radio-test.”

“You need to check for the name that has the .com domain available for registration before deciding to go with that name because the .com extension is the most popular and known by people. When people hear your company name and want to learn more about it, they will add “.com” to your name thinking it will go to your website. It is important not to delay the purchase of the .com domain because later on, when the company is established, it’s possible someone else might have registered it already and it will be very hard to obtain it.”

As an entrepreneur, you will have to constantly reframe your understanding of what’s happening in the business world and be willing to adapt. That's the only way to move forward, and achieve success.