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This Innovative PPE Has a Space-Age Aesthetic

Get the VYZRTech Personal Air Purifying Shield on sale.

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In a world ravaged by the coronavirus, no precaution is too much. As such, you owe it to yourself to ensure your space is free of bacteria and airborne viruses, no matter where you go. 


Anyone who wants to upgrade their pedestrian face masks or shields might want to give the VYZRTech Personal Air Purifying Shield a look — especially if air quality is a top-quality.  With this PPE, you'll look like you've come straight from a sci-fi novel.

The BioVYZR shield is designed to give you unrivaled protection against airborne hazards in your daily environment, whether they're bacterial or chemical, the company says. The proprietary design utilizes hospital-grade KN95 filters to give you a 360º seal that shields your personal space on all sides, while a built-in air purifying system filters out pathogens, allergens, and pollutants from the air you breathe. Its Powered Air Purifying technology creates a positive-pressure environment that keeps external air from reaching you so you're always safe. Plus, a motor-powered fan filters exiting air for good measure. 

The BioVYZR has been featured by The New York Times, Bloomberg, and more top media outlets for its innovative approach to protecting people from biohazards.

Upgrade your coronavirus protective equipment while giving yourself some positive air space. Normally $379, the VYZRTech Personal Air Purifying Shield is on sale now for $359.99. Get it in small, medium, or large.

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