Maradona's Inheritance: Who Will Legally Fight for His Fortune, and How Much Money Are We Talking About?

The heritage of the Argentine soccer star is incalculable, but includes real estate, investments, luxury cars and the listed rights to his image.

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  • Diego Armando Maradona threatened not to leave an inheritance, but they claim that there is no will and they are preparing for a legal battle.
  • The legendary Argentine soccer player amassed a fortune during his career: real estate, investments, jewelry, luxury cars and even a tank.
  • The inheritance will be divided among his eight children, but they expect a long and complicated process due to the possible presence of “opportunists” and “internal disputes”.

The death of the legendary Argentine soccer player Diego Armando Maradona marks the beginning of the legal battle for his incalculable fortune. Among his heirs are the eight children he had with six different partners. Now the question is: How will the patrimony of the soccer star be divided?

Maradona died last Wednesday, November 25 at the age of 60, the victim of a heart attack. According to a source close to the family and cited by AFP, the technical director "did not leave a will," so a complex probate trial is expected.

In 2019, a message recorded by Diego Armando was broadcast, where he threatens to leave his family without inheritance.

“I know that now, as you get older, they care more about what you leave than what you are doing. And I tell everyone that I am not going to leave anything for them, that I am going to donate it. Everything that I ran in my life I am going to donate ” , said the footballer.



Despite their intentions, Argentine law establishes that children and spouse must receive two-thirds of the deceased's legacy and that they cannot be deprived of it. A person can only give a fifth of his assets in a will.

The iconic player had eight children in total : four in Argentina, one in Italy and three more in Cuba. The latter were conceived when he was on the island for rehabilitation treatment against his addictions, as confirmed by his lawyer, Matías Morla in statements collected by Reuters.

A typical probate can last 90 days, for the legal period necessary for heirs and creditors to present themselves. However, "in cases of this type it can be eternal" due to the possibility of "opportunists" and "internal disputes," the lawyer pointed out.


How much is Maradona's fortune?

There are no official data on the assets that the footballer owned at the time of his death. However, experts estimate that Maradona's assets would consist of properties, luxury vehicles, investments and jewelry. All of the above is distributed in the countries where he played, lived or managed teams during his career: Argentina, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Belarus and Mexico.

The specialized website Celebrity Net Worth estimated that in his career he had income of tens of millions of dollars, product of football contracts and sponsorships with brands such as Hublot, Puma and Coca-Cola. However, the same website clarifies that at the time of his death he only had about $ 500,000 after various financial problems. The portal estimates that, due to tax disputes, that amount could be only $ 100,000 .


Not everything was money for Maradona: luxury cars, a tank and his own image

Maybe $ 100,000 doesn't seem like a lot, compared to his stratospheric earnings, but it's not all that Diego Armando left behind. Among the assets that his heirs will fight are luxury cars, a tank and the rights to his image.



In recent years, Maradona received all kinds of eccentric gifts, many outside of his contracts. For example, when he worked as technical director for Fujairah FC in Dubai, he was presented with two luxury cars . Also when he was honorary president of Dinamo Brest in Belarus, he received a Hunta Overcomer amphibious tank .

Beyond the material, Maradona's most valuable property was himself and his personal belongings.

“Here the most important heritage can be the image rights, but also all their shirts. How much is the one you used in the World Cup final worth? How much can they pay in an auction? ", Said the lawyer Martín Apolo for Reuters .

Lawsuits over Maradona's assets began long before his death. In 2015, he began a legal process against his ex-wife, Claudia Villafañe , for alleged fraud, fraud and embezzlement, including the alleged misappropriation of 458 objects related to his career: t-shirts, trophies, jewelry and more.


And now, who is in charge of Diego Armando's affairs?

His daughters Dalma and Giannina, fruit of the marriage with Villafañe , have taken command since their father died.



Now 33 and 31, they were for a long time the only daughter recognized by Maradona. She sided with her mother during the judicial process, but had the opportunity to reconcile with him, as shown by the affectionate messages published on her social networks on the occasion of Maradona's 60th birthday on October 30.

Dalma and Giannina decided on the hours of the wake and burial, as well as the fact of limiting the public wake at the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires to 10 hours. The tribute ended in chaos and many blamed it shortly after it was arranged for the farewell.

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