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January and February Will Be the Worst Months of the Pandemic, According to an Infectologist From Durango

According to the specialist of the Ministry of Health in Durango, José Antonio Candelas González, the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to worsen in the months of January and February.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

The infectious disease expert from the Ministry of in Durango , José Antonio Candelas González projects a terrible pandemic scenario in the months of January and February in case the does not comply with the most severe restrictive measures such as what has been carried out in and Chihuahua, in addition to adding the little empathy on the part of society by continuing to hold social gatherings, without respecting the medical personnel and without following sanitary measures.

This Friday, during the fourth week of the red , 371 cases of infections were registered, so the infectologist explained that the work within the Ministry of Health and its medical units are already exhausted due to the increase and it is expected that be sustained or even further increase after social events or weddings that have taken place in the region.

The months of January and February are forecast to be more complicated

It is expected that the next two months will be more complicated than November and December have been, this because there will always be a gap in the measures taken and the number of cases reported by the authorities, it is scientifically proven that it takes about a month in generating the results of the applied restrictions of the epidemiological traffic lights.

He also noted the lack of commitment and responsibility on the part of society when attending meeting points and celebrations of social events, as well as the lack of harshness on the part of the government in not applying control actions to prevent people from leaving their houses.

The specialist said, “We as doctors see that people are not obeying the measures and the only thing the government can do is to further toughen these actions or apply sanctions. Although it is unfortunate how the Mexican has to be sanctioned so that he understands, obeys and respects, since that will be the only way to force people to refrain from going out and thus reduce the mobility of contagions ”.

The infectologist also mentioned that from the medical community they understand that the Mexican culture is personal coexistence, but that it is important that the efforts of doctors be respected and valued when having the work of saving lives.

Regarding vaccines , the expert mentioned that it is hopeful that several laboratories are working on a vaccine and that the best known have obtained good effectiveness. However, the infectologist assured that the health sector expects them until within the second quarter of 2021, because many of these continue in the testing phases , which is why it is difficult to define an exact date.

The expert expressed that it is paradoxical and contradictory that, even though it is a belief society, there are still people who do not believe in the Covid-19 virus , despite the deaths of friends, family or acquaintances. Similarly, he assured that "the curve has not been tamed."

“We have not tamed anything, no curve of the pandemic, we are worse than at the beginning, worse than when we were in the so-called first wave and there is still no cure or effective treatment, so many treatment schemes are still under study and then I don't understand why people keep going out into the streets and in normal activities, "added the professional.

In the same way, he indicated that having beds available in hospitals does not mean having an improvement, but an increase in capacity due to the overflow of the pandemic and that it does not mean that one can leave the hospital recovered, despite receiving the timely and effective care.

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