BTS, AMLO, Bad Bunny and López-Gatell Among the Most Popular Tweeters in Mexico This Year

For their part, Danna Paola and Ester Exposito beat Chris Evans in the category of "Actors and Actresses" on Twitter.
BTS, AMLO, Bad Bunny and López-Gatell Among the Most Popular Tweeters in Mexico This Year
Image credit: Twitter México

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Twitter has been recapping the most important events of each year for more than a decade. But 2020 has been different due to the SARSCOV2 coronavirus pandemic, but still, the social network had a growth of 29% in active users year on year.

If you're curious to see how the world managed, chatted, and even celebrated this year, read on for a short tour of 2020 tweets.


When people want to know what is happening in the world, they go to Twitter to find out in real time. And is that, according to an internal measurement, 59% of people in Mexico come to find out, while 67% also do so to connect with topics of interest.

The 10 most relevant handles

Given the situation, the tweeters went to public officials, communicators and state leaders, as well as institutions such as the Ministry of Health of Mexico ( @ssalud_mx ), to inform ourselves and contrast different points of view. But, seriousness aside, when it came to singing and dancing, Bad Bunny ( @sanbenito ) shone with his surprise musical releases and social support.

The order of appearance does not represent any hierarchy / Image: Twitter MX

The most relevant journalists and communicators

For many people, finding out about the most important events in Mexico and the world, in real time, was only achieved through Twitter. Here, communicators such as Carlos Loret de Mola ( @carlosloret ), who reached new markets with his new editorial project, as well as Gabriela Warkentin ( @warkentin ) and Javier Risco ( @jrisco ), kept us updated during these months of estrangement.

The order of appearance does not represent any hierarchy / Image: Twitter MX


This year, the way we entertain ourselves changed almost completely. Still, the TV shows thrilled us with their unexpected endings. In fact, according to internal data from Twitter, people increased our content consumption by streaming series and movies up to 68%, and when it came to following large events such as awards, 78% of Mexicans chose this platform to talk about them.

Latin artists

Latin music is synonymous with feeling, passion and a lot of dance. During 2020, Bad Bunny ( @sanbenito ) surprised us with his new releases and statements, while Shakira ( @shakira ) in a year where empathy was a fundamental pillar for all people, did not stop making a call to support the causes that seem just.

  1. Bad Bunny ( @sanbenito )
  2. Mario Bautista ( @mariobautista_ )
  3. CNCO ( @CNCOmusic )
  4. Danna Paola ( @dannapaola )
  5. Shakira ( @shakira )

International artists

And in the distance, with the hiatus in world concert tours, artists turned their music into the form of Tweets through special broadcasts. The passion for K-Pop in Mexico was led through BTS ( @BTS_twt ) and BLACKPINK ( @BLACKPINK ), while the 10th. One Direction's anniversary led the 'directioner' fandom to support Louis Tomlinson ( @Louis_Tomlinson ) and Harry Styles ( @Harry_Styles ) through their memories and independent projects.

  1. BTS ( @BTS_twt )
  3. Louis Tomlinson ( @Louis_Tomlinson )
  4. EXO ( @weareoneEXO )
  5. TOMORROW X TOGETHER ( @TXT_bighit )
  6. Monsta X ( @OfficialMonstaX )
  7. Harry Styles ( @Harry_Styles )
  8. ATEEZ ( @ATEEZofficial )
  9. NCT ( @NCTsmtown )
  10. GOT7 ( @ GOT7Official )

Actresses and actors

With more time at home, television series, programs and movies became one of the protagonists of our entertainment. Danna Paola ( @dannapaola ) and Ester Exposito ( @esterexpositto ) positioned themselves as the queens of the Spanish-speaking entertainment scene in Mexico, either for their streaming projects or musical releases, while Chris Evans ( @ChrisEvans ) played his big screen superhero in a campaign of activism for voting in his country (and that gained all the attention on Twitter).

  1. Danna Paola ( @dannapaola )
  2. Esther Exposito ( @esterexpositto )
  3. Chris Evans ( @ChrisEvans )
  4. Timothée Chalamet ( @RealChalamet )
  5. Joaquin phoenix
  6. Brad Pitt
  7. Diego Luna ( @diegoluna_ )
  8. Zendaya ( @Zendaya )
  9. Robert Pattinson
  10. Tom Holland ( @ TomHolland1996 )

Content creators

Both Joaquín Bondoni ( @JoaquinBondoni ) and Emilio Osorio ( @mailomarcos ) showed their sensitive side with artistic projects, showing how young audiences are not only on Twitter, but are also leading the conversation! And not only that, because Paco de Miguel ( @PacoDeMiguelF ) won the hearts of people by making us laugh with his interpretations of characters from home, school and work.

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