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Catch a Whiff of That: Zoom Seeks to Implement Video Calling With Smells

In the not-too-distant future, people may be able to perceive odors from other participants on video calls.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

An unusual proposal, which is to perceive odors through a video call, is the one shared by Eric Yuan , the CEO of Zoom, during the South Summit entrepreneurship event.


“We will be a company that delivers innovation,” Yuan confirmed at the Zoom event.

The use of this tool has helped us to maintain contact with others, communicate with relatives, work, take classes online and even receive medical consultations. The intention of this idea is to make a real meeting more similar and generate a more fluid experience. In other words, the participants in the video call could perceive the smells that are found on the stage of others, such as coffee or the food they are consuming.

The innovations that are planned

During the last months, Zoom has had an exponential growth in terms of the number of users and in revenue, due to the need to maintain remote contact in times of pandemic to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Within the plans of the technology company is the incorporation of artificial intelligence for the transcription of conversations that users have, it is not limited to a single language, but to different ones.

Another progress that the platform has contemplated are calls from all devices and with a single click. “Connect with anyone in the world and feel that you are in the same cafeteria. No differences, ”exemplified Yuan.

When will it be possible to perceive odors through video calls?

The fact of implementing this type of news and innovations takes time, it is estimated that it requires approximately a decade of hard work, effort and patience.

“Be patient, work hard every day. Building a company is a long journey, so be patient and humble, ”Yuan said in the presentation. Likewise, he stated that the growth of the platform involved perseverance and work. Likewise, he considers that they will continue after the pandemic, since the various digital platforms are useful, not only in the face of the health emergency, they are to help reduce climate change.

The platform continues to grow, it already exceeds 300 million users who use it on a daily basis, counting people for each meeting they attend.

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