Elon Musk Advises 'Stop Wasting Time With Power Point'

According to the CEO of Tesla, it is relevant for a company to seek criticism about its products and services, this with the purpose of improving them.
Elon Musk Advises 'Stop Wasting Time With Power Point'
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On Tuesday, CEOs participated in the 2020 CEO Summit , in which Tesla co- founder and leader Elon Musk provided a set of recommendations, including prioritizing the improvement of meetings with Power Point presentations.

In general, he advised spending less time in boardrooms and presentations and spending more time improving the product or service.

"Are top American executives focusing enough on product improvement? I think the answer is no. Spend less time on finances, less time in meeting rooms, spend less time on PowerPoint and more on trying to make your product the best it can be,Musk mentions in the 2020 CEO Cover interview, where he talks about future plans for Tesla and SpaceX.

The international event brought together several American executives with the purpose of improving their practices in their companies.

The executive expresses that his ultimate goal is to become an "absolute perfectionist about the product he makes or the service he provides." Also, look for criticism and negative comments, more opinions about them in order to improve them.

Musk points out, "If the CEO only focuses on the bottom line, he just barks up the wrong tree."

According to the employer, "The biggest problem for US companies is that there are too many MBAs - Masters in Business Administration - leading companies."

In the same way, he adds that they should be totally focused on their products and services, spend less time on finances and together. "The company does not have enough value by itself, the important thing is the sources and how they are worked", finally the purpose of the company is to generate quality in what it offers to others adding an added value to achieve benefits. He also recommends giving customers more time and questioning whether it is something the consumer would use.

This attitude is totally learnable , “spending more time visiting stores, going out on the factory floor and talking to consumers. If you don't love the product, don't expect others to do it, ”says Musk.


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