This Online Store Is Saving the Dying post-COVID Fashion Industry

Lootie has become one of the fastest growing marketplaces for mystery boxes, and is looking to pave the way for post-COVID shopping. With the global lockdowns leading to a stop in the physical shopping experience, online shopping is the only option for consumers

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COVID-19 has been a wake-up call for the brick-and-mortar fashion industry. In the era of increased caution in terms of in-person interaction, multiple government-mandated lockdowns, and travel bans, consumers are no longer given free movement. People who would otherwise have gone to their local mall are no longer able to. People who would’ve crossed over to the next state to buy some original designer merchandise from a store, it’s now illegal. Obviously, while this is a temporary death spell for brick-and-mortar stores, there is one place that benefits the most from this: online shopping. COVID-19 has brought along with it a silver lining; online stores are booming. Volume on stores such as Amazon, eBay, and online fashion retail stores are now higher than ever thanks to the fact that people are restricted to their screens.


Although the volume of online shopping has risen, stepping up to save the fashion industry, there is another major problem to address. That’s right: the excitement factor. No longer can you waltz down store aisles, hoping to find something new or unexpected. Nor can you wander in a mall, going from store to store, looking at things in person. Instead, you have to go to a single site, figure out what you want, and buy it. It’s not the same experience, and the thrill factor has been severely neglected by the restructuring of the e-commerce space. That is: until you look at mystery boxes.

Lootie’s solution
Mystery box online sites like Lootie bring in a new punch to the market. It’s a brand new flavour; a way to look at online shopping like never before. The thrilling factor is brought back into the equation, since you can never be sure exactly what you’re going to get. First, you choose a mystery box from a selection of existing official boxes, it can be a hypebeast mystery box, an Apple mystery box, or even a more general one like a gaming mystery box. You can view all of the possible options beforehand, to make sure even though you are technically being surprised, the items will still all be within your realm of interest. And of course, when you purchase the box, you are met with a similar thrill and excitement that you felt when coming across something new in person, except it’s magnified a lot more.

Certainly, Lootie and mystery box sites like it have stepped in to bail out the fashion industry from certain doom. New life has been breathed into it. It is poised to become the fastest-growing e-commerce platform on the Internet, and is already leading in the sneaker and streetwear online industry. A key problem that Lootie solves is trust and convenience. You can’t go to malls in person anymore due to COVID-19; malls provided a place for a myriad of brands to set up their stores and identities. You could wander around them, going from store to store: each brand offering something new and different. An important part about malls? You can pick up the items in person, so there’s no way for you to get ripped off or scammed.

Lootie is the mall of the Internet. It brings together a collection of official brands. You can get a Hypebeast mystery box, a Supreme box logo, a Yeezy box, an Off White box, or even an Apple mystery box, all in one place. There’s no need to hop from site to site trying to look for exactly what you need, because Lootie and similar mystery box sites provide all of it in one place. Now, what sets Lootie apart is the fact that the trust you expect from individual original stores still remains intact. Usually, when third-party providers act as shells for original stores or manufacturers, there’s a gaping hole left open, that of fraud. Sites such as eBay are rampant with fraudulent merchants who try to rip off unsuspecting consumers with either faulty or straight up fake goods. On the other hand, they use exclusively original sources to purchase all goods. When you open an Apple mystery box and receive an Apple product, it comes with the guarantee that you’re getting a fully working, original sealed product. It’s the same for streetwear and fashion merch, Lootie has partnered with StockX to bring in seamless verification. This is the Lootie difference; it brings to the table peace of mind, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that all of the fashion products you receive are authentic and in top quality.

The initial prospects for the fashion industry certainly looked bleak in the face of COVID-19, but mystery box websites, particularly Lootie, have successfully managed to turn the tide. As the Pfizer vaccine rolls out and the situation gets better, brick-and-mortar fashion retailers will open their doors to consumers again, that is undeniable. But does it matter at all when a far more exciting, rewarding, convenient, and cost-effective way to shop already exists on Not at all.