3 Ways Social Media Is Feeding Positivity Amidst A Pandemic

Brand Experts Josh Heller and Sherri Nourse explore ways social media has provided positivity during the pandemic

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The year 2020 has been like no other; it has brought us separation, recession and mental devastation. Even the most positive of people have struggled to maintain a sunny attitude. Thankfully through the use of social media platforms, we have still found reasons to smile. Josh Heller, founder of Heller PR, and Sherri Nourse, founder of Ambition Media, use their digital media expertise to share three ways social media is feeding positivity amid this pandemic.

Josh Heller and Sherri Nourse

Providing connection

One of the most crushing consequences of this pandemic has been social separation. Families and friend circles alike found themselves struggling to find a way to maintain their connection during the lockdown. Through these times, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provided some positivity in allowing people to connect despite the distance they faced.

Heller shares, “Amidst the pandemic, we saw social media platforms creating new ways for people to connect. Facebook introduced its Watch Together feature, which allowed up to eight users to watch content together.”

“Instagram live became almost essential in providing a way to maintain real-time connections for people, while Instagram Reels added the fun element to the platform,” states Nourse.

Spreading humor

A reason to laugh has been a rare commodity during this pandemic. We have found ourselves bombarded by bad news stories about death tolls and job losses. Social media provided a respite by creating and sharing video content that rose above the prevailing darkness of the daily news.

“Video sharing app TikTok saw a huge surge in popularity as the pandemic tightened its grip. TikTok challenges and humorous video snippets provided some much-needed levity,” elaborates Heller. While Nourse adds, “During the pandemic, humorous and positive videos became some of the most popular content on YouTube. With John Krasinki’s Web series ‘Some Good News’ which gathered together good news stories, becoming one of the most-watched new YouTube channels in 2020.”

Encouraging new hobbies

During the pandemic, we have found ourselves suddenly confined to the indoors with a lot more free time, and many of us have taken solace in learning a new hobby. At the height of the pandemic, people took to social media to share their creative endeavors.

Heller exclaims, “From March this year, we saw our Instagram feeds fill up with pictures of banana bread and other baking experiments. There was a real sense of community with every trending hashtag that appeared.”

Nourse states, “How people encouraged each other through social media to share their inventive quarantine creations was heartwarming.”

It’s been a scary and strange year, but through the use of social media, we have been able to inject a little positivity into our lives by finding ways to come together virtually and help each other to see the bright side.
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