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The Russian Vaccine Is 100% Effective in Severe Cases of COVID-19 and 91.4% Effective in General

This Monday it was announced that, according to the results produced during the third phase of clinical trials, Sputnik V does have a high percentage of effectiveness.

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  • The manufacturers of Sputnik V have already requested authorization from the Government of Mexico to apply their vaccine in the country.

According to the results obtained during the third phase of the clinical trials carried out on the Russian vaccine ( Sputnik V ) against COVID-19 , it was confirmed that its efficacy is 91.4% and in severe cases due to coronavirus it is 100% . The announcement was made on Monday by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

Likewise, through a statement on the Sputnik V page, it was specified that the results of said research will be published by the Centro Gamaleya team in "one of the main international medical journals."

It is worth mentioning that the analysis was performed during the final checkpoint, that is, 21 days after the volunteers received the first component of Sputnik V. Furthermore, the results emerged from “a calculation based on the analysis of the data of volunteers (n = 22,714) who received both the first and the second dose of Sputnik V vaccine or placebo in the third and last control point ”. In all, there were 78 cases of people who became ill: 62 had received the placebo and 16 the vaccine.

Image: NurPhoto | Getty Images

For its part, the vaccine showed 100% efficacy in severe cases: “Among the confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, 20 severe cases were recorded in the placebo group, while no severe cases were recorded in the group that received the vaccine ”, affirmed the members of the RDFI and the Gamaleya Center.

Of the 26,000 volunteers who have received the Russian vaccine, none have reportedly had unfavorable reactions so far. However, the volunteers will continue to be monitored for at least six more months after they received the vaccine.

Meanwhile, this same Monday, Marcelo Ebrad, Secretary of Foreign Relations, also confirmed that the manufacturers of Sputnik V have already requested the corresponding authorization from the Government of Mexico to apply their vaccine in the country. The documentation was delivered to the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), so it is expected that clinical trials can begin soon.