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A socially responsible marketplace

IAWT is a marketplace with a social sense, which provides training and a sales platform to foundations, social enterprises, small businesses, artists, artisans and vulnerable groups in general.

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We live in a world in which consumerism sets the pace in our society, this behavior has unleashed environmental and humanitarian consequences and has even created dissatisfaction in those who deposit desires or aspirations in consumption, which are rarely achieved through that medium.

According to the Oxford Committee for Aid Against Hunger (OXFAM), the richest 1% of the world's population owns more wealth than the remaining 99%; This gap demonstrates extreme inequality and the need to influence our economic system so that it creates greater opportunities for people in vulnerable situations.

In this context, In All We Trust (IAWT) arises , a platform aimed at people who seek that their purchase decisions transcend in the construction of a better world, and generate opportunities that reduce social and economic inequality.

IAWT is a Mexican marketplace that provides support to vulnerable groups by giving them a space to market their products. Currently, the platform has more than 36 allies, and supports more than 13 localities and causes such as: entrepreneurial families, older adults, people with disabilities, women in vulnerable situations (victims of the sex trade and human trafficking) and people deprived of their liberty.

IAWT also supports its allies by providing training and advice, as well as the development of skills with an entrepreneurial focus, in order for the allies to grow, and in this way contribute to their communities and improve their quality of life.

Adriana Martinez. Photo: Courtesy

The broadest categories of the platform are those of food and beverages, crafts and personal hygiene items, however they also have cosmetics, decoration, pet supplies, among others. IAWT continues to develop, and expects to close 2020 with 50 partners, and has a goal by 2021 to add between 10 and 15 partners per month.

“As a society we must be more aware of the purchases we make and the effects that what we choose to consume has on the distribution of wealth and affects or benefits the people who need it most.

At In All We Trust we work under the concept of sustainable development, we seek that both people and companies are aware of the economic, social and environmental impact of their purchase decisions, if they are going to buy, it is better to buy with purpose. Consumers must demand responsible products and make informed purchasing decisions ”commented Adriana Pulido Sandoval, founder of IAWT.

This platform not only benefits partners, but represents a sustainable purchasing option for those who seek to give intention and purpose to their purchases.

“In All We Trust exists because it trusts small producers and in the way they work, strive and contribute to development, we trust people as conscious and committed consumers to invest in Mexico. Our campaign "Trust your purchasing power", aims to make people aware that, through purposeful purchases and the conscious purchases they make, they can help the most vulnerable people, change lives and promote the growth of our country. Trust has the power to transform individual and collective reality ”, concluded Adriana Martínez Haro, Co-founder of the platform.

Adriana Pulido. Photo: Courtesy